Anyone need a study buddy?


I know there’s a topic where people can skype together in a group to work on their own thing. And I joined them. But, I would love to have someone, or more someone’s that I can skype with one on one (or in a group), where we can both study (or do something else). We can motivate each other and help each other out. And we can obviously chat (BUT! Not too much of course).

Anyone interested? Keep in mind, I’m from Europe (time zone struggle prevention something :grin: )


maybe setup a slack page for this purpose? would want to get @scot and @HarleyKyn suggestions and advice on this, as I recall similar ideas being brought up in the past alongside legit concerns for why not to do it. as per skype - don’t use it, sry!

worst case scenario - we could check in via a special thread on the forum?


We typically do that with the discord perk, have an entire system with accountability buddies.

Where can I find that? Or is that the topic I referred to?

It’s part of the Patreon perks. There is a discord server you can join that has people willing to be accountability buddies for each other.

Okay thank you

Hey again! I’ll be your study buddy if you want. I’m also from Europe so minimal time zone problems.

I don’t have skype (but I have an account, I’d just need to dig it out) but I do have basically anything else: google, FaceTime, snapchat, houseparty, etc etc

I’m in Europe too! And really in need of study discipline :sweat_smile:

Perhaps if there are more of us we increase the chance of being around at the same time? Or does it need to be one to one? In which case I’ll wait for the next European brain in need to come along (any excuse not to get started :joy::joy::joy:)

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No I think you can do group calls??

Cool! I may need a bit of a hint setting up any technical stuff, but am definitely up for accountability! (My task for the day is to learn how to set up a Tikkie groups payment thing for some flowers I bought two weeks ago on behalf of my class :roll_eyes:)

I dunno how to help with the group payment thing but I can help with the technical aspect of working together.


And I am happy to report that I learned how to do the payment request thing and am now 12 euros richer :grin: