Are there any podcasts about ADHD?

I was just wondering, Are there any podcasts you guys know on ADHD? I’d love to listen to them. I’m trying to get myself off of watching youtube for hours so if you guys know any podcasts let me know! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I found a a good handful. Taking control the adhd podcast, attention talk radio, distraction Ned hallowell. Those are the last 3 I’ve listened to recently

I’ve never done anything with podcasts before… wouldn’t have the first clue how to find them. Could you provide a link or something so I could listen to the ones you found?

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Good question, yes I will try. Do you have an iPhone because there is a podcast app in the iPhone. That made me think of you don’t have an iPhone are you able to install apps in your phone somewhere? For iPhone it’s called the App Store. See if that works and I will see if I can share some here

Idk how to share a whole podcast but see if you can install a podcast app on your phone. Anybody who doesn’t have an iPhone have any suggestions?

Android user here, and Google Play Music has podcast functionality and often comes already installed on Android phones

And if you have a google account for gmail/youtube/etc you can listen through the website at

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Oh my gosh yes! I recommend the ADDitude adhd experts podcast.

There is one called “faster than normal” that’s pretty good.

The host of How to ADHD collaborates with Erik Tivers, podcaster of ADHD Rewired. It’s kinda life changing! I’ve tried out quite a few but this one is the best. Check out a master mind episode for your first taste. The first episode I tried I wasn’t into, but when I tried a different one months later I realized it was just that guest.

I am listening to one right now!!

Taking Control the ADHD Podcast.

And ADDitude Magazine ADHD Experts Podcast (which someone has already mentioned)

are my 2 favorite. And they are both around for YEARS so there is a ton of backlog of past episodes about nearly every topic I can imagine.

My favorite You Tuber is Jessica McCabe from “How to ADHD” you tube channel.

Best of luck

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Dr Ned Hallowell, author of Driven To Distraction (and other books) has one called DISTRACTION