Are there people here with Tourette’s?

Hello everyone!

I have a random question. I know ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome are connected.
So are there people here with Tourette’s who can help me?

I have developed a neck jerking tic. And bc of that I have started questioning if I have Tourette’s or another tic syndrome. The thing is, I’m over 18. I have developed this tic just over the past few weeks.

I read about Tourette’s and I have seen that things like finger cracking, biting the inside of your mouth etc could also be tics. I have tics like that. I’ve had these ever since I’ve been young. I’ve also realized I’ve had vocal tics before but I’ve never seen them as real tics until now. I appear to have a tic of rolling my eyes too. I’ve never realized that before. I just saw it on myself recently in a video. I also don’t know when it came in.

I also have this thing where I hiccup without needing to hiccup. Is that a tic too?

Can someone help me with these questions? I’ve been thinking about having something of a tic disorder. But I’m not sure. I also find this really scary to talk about with my parents. And I try really hard to hold my neck jerking tic in when I’m near them. But it’s almost impossible. They haven’t noticed it though. At least not yet.

Does someone have answers?


I just typed down all the tics that I have Or have had in the past that I remember. There’s quite a lot. But I’m not sure if everything is a tic. I do see that a lot of them I either develop out of being bored and having to move into some thing I became this very automatic thing that I can’t really control anymore. Or I have taken them over from other people saying a word or making a movement:

My motor tics would be:

  • neck jerks (have that one Rn)
  • shaking my leg. I’ve had this before to where I couldn’t control it anymore. We even went to the doctor for thi.
  • cracking my fingers
  • pushing my teeth with my tongue
  • biting the inside of my cheeks
  • cold shivers that I have too now when I’m not even cold
  • eye rolling
  • rubbing my nails against my lips
  • sniffing my fingers

My vocal tics would be:

  • yeet
  • f*ck
  • d*mn
  • hiccuping
  • whenever I have a cold I sniff, even when I don’t have to blow my nose. I just need to sniff all the time

I know in the past I’ve had more vocal tics but I don’t remember them anymore

I don’t know if all of them are really tics. But then you guys can have a better insight of my questions. A lot of them I did develop from a young age.


I have chronic motor tic disorder currently and since I was like two. Which basically means no vocal tics as of right now (self diagnosed). And you mentioned that these tics started when you were young, so that is before 18 which means it still fits for the tourette’s diagnosis. A lot of these things you mentioned could definitely be tics. It’s funny the one about that rubbing your nails against your lip. I didn’t know if anyone else did that. I do that because lips are really sensitive and nails are like smooth so when you rub them it’s satisfying, but it’s not a tic for me. Doesn’t mean it’s not for you just BTW. Do you do the leg shaking one when you’re standing or walking? I also have a tic where I bite the inside of my lip . As for whether all of them are tics, of course any of them could be but it would be hard to know through writing
If you have anymore questions please ask! I set specific screen time for this website so it’s about to end so I’ll look at some of your other comments later . By the way I voice typed this so if there’s like Gramatik/spelling errors it’s because of that


Well how do you keep apart the tics from the not tics? That’s my question


Well, when you tic there is that urge that you feel in that part of the body. and as with your neck thing when you don’t do it it gets extremely uncomfortable. If that doesn’t happen when you do something then it’s not a tic

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Okay. Then I should explore what are tics and what aren’t. Thank you :+1:t2:

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Urm I personally dont have any answers nor exprience with this topic but some how I found this vid on youtube that may be benifical but fair waring its like two years old

so I dont know but it seem intresting enough and might help
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It is a while since you posted this.I hope you are getting the help you need. I have recently found a few very nice and open people on TikTok who are dealing with this issue. It is not something to feel bad about, but the symptoms can cause problems. Reach out to others and find out more about it. Good luck!

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