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I’m curious how others have used art related hobbies and pursuits, either intentionally or unintentionally to help them function in the world. Or did anyone just fall into art?

Personally I’ve always been creative. I was drawing constantly in school, and when I got to college I decided to pursue it more. I became an art minor. Mainly interested in drawing, and then I discovered oil paint. I fell in love with oil painting. I love the colors and textures. I still draw and paint today, I want to do it more, and to continue to pursue it. Oil pastels are fun as well.

I wonder if anyone else here does anything artistic, either in the art world or the craft world. I don’t think I could ever give it up.


I teach art to autistic/ADHD kids :slight_smile: Best job in the world.


My actual degree is in illustration. I do graphic design on the side now. I also love oil painting. I love mixing colors.


My favourite subjects in school were always the creative and hands-on courses; arts, music, wood working, sewing, home economics, that kinda stuff. Now I’ve got a degree in music and still love painting, knitting/crocheting, wood works etc. rarely justify myself the time to work on these things that I love doing though…, :confused: need to get a job first… haha

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I’ve always loved drawing comics and cartoons but I struggle with making regular time for the habit.

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one million hearts to you :slight_smile:
I teach art a couple of days a week to 16-20 year olds who are out of the system for one reason or another. They’re my wildlings, I love them, they’re brilliant


Im a designer-maker by trade and I also draw/illustrate/make art installations/ embroider/sew/knit and craft like theres no tomorrow. I’ve always done all those things, they keep me sane earn me money and give me purpose. If you’re an artist you need to make art, its not something you do, its part of the person you are :slight_smile:


I just started art therapy

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I have considered getting my masters in Art Therapy. The biggest problem is that although we have 2 of the top schools in the country for Art Therapy in Chicago, they’re also the most expensive. 4 times the cost of other programs. Not sure I’m ok racking up that much debt.


I’m a ceramic artist. In fact this month, a year ago I quit my full time job to pursue ceramics full time. Looking back I don’t think I would have made it through high school and college without pursuing art, I have a bachelor’s of fine arts degree.


Here are two things I’ve done in art therapy in the last two weeks. I agree with others in it that feeling all the textures does help with anxiety


Second one I was wierd and wanted to go with abstract thing for Xmas…

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I getting back into it. Feels like starting all over, I’m not good like was at it. That’s frustrating but when I learn to let it go, that’s when I feel the zen and that’s when I start feeling a flow and I start seeing myself improve a little or not but at least I’m enjoying myself


So, I’ve recently been pretty successful at writing fiction of all things. Once I figured how why I have trouble reading (unless I’m super interested in what’s on the page) I started writing science fiction.

I’m writing a continuing serial involving an over abundance of characters arriving on the planet Oz and gaining super powers who have apparently been summoned to help against a coming inter dimensional invasion.

I’m on chapter 10 of that.

I’m also writing a space opera novel involving 3 androids have interstellar adventures. I’m on chapter 4 of that.


My latest pieces, a gift for my mom’s new kitchen on her birthday.


I’ve written poetry since I was a kid. Actually in 2015 I released a poetry book :slight_smile: I don’t write long poems like I used to, but I write short poems on instagram a lot under the hashtag #lindamerjapoetry , so if you’re interested in reading short poems, you can search on that hashtag on instagram :slight_smile: Some people have asked me to do a Poetry-Only-account on instagram, but that seems like it will be too much for me to remember to log in on whenever I write, since I write spontaneously xD So it’s all on my regular and only instagram account (

I also go weekly courses in sewing and papercraft. My useless patience doesn’t like the sewing much though… I do enjoy the papercraft more, eventhough I curse A LOT while making stuff xD

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I love photography because everything should be like a scavenger hunt all the time?? For two years, I’ve been taking pictures of this one river near my apartment, and I actually can’t overstate how close I feel towards it. Water is THE most interesting material I’ve ever ~worked with~: the colors! The textures! The fact that you can plan for about 20% of what ends up in the shot! Tiny, tiny observation is my favorite way to become un-bored.

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I do a bit of everything. I’m looking to create a christian animated short about Characters who live in a watercolor painting world. I am currently working as a Graphic Designer/Motion Design/Photography at work so I’m kinda jumping all over. So it’s fun for me. For me the hard part is having the determination to finish art stuff I do at home. I get stuck on the internet alot. But It’s alot of fun when I do get into gear. Also, has anyone found that they learn alot more about Art Fundamentals by trying different mediums? I’m doing photography at work and I’m trying to see how I can learn lighting and apply to my art.