As a writer and a person who is diagnosed with ADHD


Your videos and I’ve gone through similar things whenever I’m stuck with writing I watch some of your videos and I get so much inspiration and it gives me the push I need to keep going. They also put so many in my life in perspective that I can’t even name them all


Last year (as in 2017) I actually wrote an English essay using quotes and inspiration from Jessica’s videos. Ended up with an 75% on it and educated my prof about the realities of being a student with ADHD, saw an immediate change in her teaching style with me, which is saying a lot because she was a great prof already.


That’s wonderful! I think one of my biggest struggles with being ADHD writer is sticking to one project, hehe. I overwhelm myself. But my biggest project is the one I’ve been working on for three. Long. Years. Man, I can’t believe it’s been that long. O.o I’m well over halfway through, hehe. I feel like I’m making a lot more progress now that I’ve fleshed out the main characters and thought through how I’m going to bring the protagonist to the place he needs to be…