Attention Deficit Blues... Also, Hello!


Hi, I just joined a few days ago and I turn 40 in August. First went on Prozac last year, then Adderall, was put on Vyvance instead and now added Abilify. My brain feels like a 2am cocktail but my productivity and focus has seemed like going from a 4 cylinder engine to a V6. Just started meds for ADHD last year, never been diagnosed before, though I have been on anti-depressants starting in college. My first child, my son James, was born in May. So that’s some extra anxiety but also infinite joy. I found Jessica’s TED Talk, which I related to a LOT; then the YT channel. It has been a treasure trove of help and she’s a sweet and pretty lady. Thanks. (I’ve already edited this post 5 times in the last half hour…)



Welcome. I was diagnosed in my 40s, and there are lots of others like us. You’ll get a lot of good info from the YouTube channel! Glad to have you in “the tribe” (not sure I like that expression …).



Welcome to the tribe Jeremy! I was 49 when I found out about ADHD… Better late than never.

Yeah, I was the same way at first. But it seems pretty suitable to me now. It’s grown on me…

The vids were pretty good for me too. It was also the TEDx talk that brought it home for me.

I’d ticked all the boxes in an online ADHD test, but the TEDX talk really took it from an abstract theory that I might have ADHD to an “Oh shit… That’s me!” moment.

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