Attention seekin? This is proprer important to me

Hi, so its a bit wierd. When i was in school, throughout year 7-10 (i got kicked out in year 1o permentantly) i would always seek the teachers ettention, like it would get really bad. I would cut myslef so deep so the teacher can notice and comfort me and drink alcohol etc, also fake drinking and bunking class just for their attention. I think part of it is becuase my mum doesnt show me love like that, but this is mainly the reason i got kicked out of school and has been on my mind forever. Could this be linked to ADHD or anything else? Because if i was normal i would still seek thier attention but not this extreme?


Maybe, but it sounds more like as you said lacked the attention and love that you needed from your mother so you tried finding it from other sources. And as teachers often have so many students they could not give you the attention you needed so you employed more drastic measures to get their attention. That was probably due partly to ADHD and the impulsivity that comes with it.
Hope that helped a bit. Iā€™m no psychologist or therapist though, and this seems like something you should really bring up and speak through with a professional

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yh true, im going to get a private adhd asesment because the nhs ones didnt really listen or understand me. THX X

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