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This rings really close to home.

I’d gotten a new job at this Aged Care Centre and after about a month and a half I got pulled aside and told there’d been some complaints made against me and what they where. One of them was totally bogus, I knew as soon as I started questioning it, but the other was valid. So I attempted to say “I have ADHD, so I wasn’t aware of this happening as my concept of time is different to others, but I’ll do my best to pay more attention to the passage of time and start wearing a watch.” I’d gotten out “I have ADHD” before the manager went ballistic on me claiming I’d lied on my application, in NSW I’m not required to disclose any disability unless I think it’ll impact my work and at the time I didn’t think it’d impact my work, and that I was going to get fired for lieing and started to compare ADHD to a missing limb (WTF!?!!) and I just broke down and started sobbing.

He freaked as he had a 23 year old woman sobbing in his office and starting going on about how he didn’t mean to make me cry blah blah blah. He said that I needed to improve within the next week on only morning shifts, I was doing morning and evening shifts, so I improved and sought feed back from my colleagues on how I could improve. But I got fired at the end. Honestly I think they just hired me so they’d have extra staff over Christmas and New Years Eve. Even my career adviser believed that.

I know I could of gone to the ombudsman for discrimination concerning my disability, I had a case, but honestly it wasn’t worth it.

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Sorry to hear them treating you so unfairly…! The manager sounds like a real ass, to be honest… He obviously has no idea how to handle HR, and is pissed he somehow got stuck with it anyway…:cold_sweat:


He was definitely an ass. He fired me during the very, very busy part of the shift, the time we’re toileting and helping immobile people into bed after lunch, and when I asked to finish my shift I was told “sorry you can’t do that. you might injure one of our residents”. Like what a fucking asshole. Even my career adviser was like “wtf is he going on about? what an idiot”.

What makes this even worse is that he was a guy from head office who was covering for the facility manager while she was on holidays. So clearly he had almost no experience within the field or was just a totally incompetent idiot. As I been guaranteed a permanent position within the six months during the hiring process.


He obviously didn’t have the real authority to fire you, nor the mental wherewithal to deal with it appropriately. What he SHOULD have done, is report it to the actual facility manager when she comes back, let her handle it. You’ve been working there so far without killing anyone, or seriously harming any residents (I’m assuming, as that would probably get you fired instantly), so it’s safe to let you continue for a few days, until the actual person responsible can make an appropriate judgement… Honestly, I feel that asshat deserves a lawsuit over that termination, but I get that you don’t want ti cause trouble for yourself and everyone else…


Like I said, I just can’t be bothered and I don’t live in the area anymore.

The totally bogus complaint that they told me was that apparently I’d injured one of the residents, but it wasn’t a elder abuse case so the police won’t be involve (I strongly suspect this was a scare tactic), but when I questioned and asked how I’d done so, so that I could ensure that it’d never happen again they just reiterated that it wasn’t an elder abuse case.

But you see staff injure the residents by accident all the time, skin tears happen, you bump them helping them into bed etc. so really I don’t know why there was a complaint concerning it. Also someone complained that I’d made the comment that a residents feaces smelt really bad and asked if that was normal for them. People where legit going to this guy to complaining about the most ridiculous things about me to him. Which makes me suspect it was a mix of the ADHD making him want to fire me and people complaining about shit because how dare I attempt to take as many shifts as possible to make a living on a casual job

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Yeah, a lot of that sounds dodgy as hell… And I’d honestly argue that observing changes in stool, whether colour, texture, or even smell can be important to the intestinal health of the person. It might indicate changes in digestion, so asking if it’s normal isn’t that extraordinary if there’s a huge change without a corresponding change in diet…:disappointed_relieved: