Being in this Community**

Even though I’m currently undergoing assessment, I feel like I’m just being overdramatic but certain that I have something that’s made it more difficult than usual to manage my time better.

If I don’t receive an ADHD diagnosis, will I have to leave the community because of this?? I can relate to most experiences on this forum and communities on Twitter (which included this one video that really hit close to home). It feels like “Maybe this is actually normal and I’m overthinking it more than I should” and “Maybe I’m just the issues and need to sort everything again!”

I’ve had 2 family members tell me that it’s probably Depression behind the (probable) Executive Dysfunction rather than ADHD. But they still encouraged me to seek a diagnosis., so it’s just confusing really.


Absolutely NOT❗️

I believe I speak for all of the “brains” on this forum.

So, please . . . stick around.



Thank you, Brooklyn :>


If you are benefitting from the community you’re of course welcome to stick around. Note that depression is often diagnosed first or it can be a common comorbidity with ADHD. So best get diagnosed!


@PiPo, whether you are diagnosed or not, you are certainly welcome here.

I was going through my assessment when I started following this forum, and wasn’t sure if I had enough symptoms or severe-enough symptoms to be diagnosed. (I’ve since been diagnosed by a mental health counselor, and confirmed by an evaluation my doctor gave me.)
My doctor first started treating me for anxiety, and once that was under control he evaluated me for ADHD; he had also ordered lab tests to make sure I didn’t have an underlying medical condition that could effect my memory and ability to focus. That is because other conditions can cause similar symptoms.

If you are being affected by depression, it is important to get treated for it. But keep asking to be evaluated for ADHD. The first mental health or medical professional that you go to may not give your a diagnosis, but don’t give up.

And regardless of whether you ever get a clear diagnosis of ADHD, keep coming back to these forums and engaging in the conversations. We all help each other, even if it’s just by having a place where we can share our struggles and triumphs opening.



I think this forum is more about shared experiences rather than diagnosis :slightly_smiling_face:


I completely agree!


I didn’t see anyone checking diagnosis papers at the door, so stick around. There are actually a bunch of us here who don’t have formal diagnoses (yet).

Diagnosis or not, I can relate to so many things that others talk about here. And hopefully, some people can relate to a few of the things I say. That is what the community is about. If we have some ADHD traits, then we can benefit from each others’ experience and wisdom.



I love being part of the International ADHD community !
ADHD knows no boundaries ! We had to show ADHD neurodiversity with diversity !