Being Overwhelmed and Shutting Down (kinda)

It’s been a while since I’ve visited these forums, thing is I’m now getting assessed :> but that’s not the point of this. I wanna try and ask you all a question: Do you ever get filled with so much information that it just overwhelms you??

Recently I got my Resume reviewed and the person doing it was speaking so fast and was dumping so much information on me that I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I honestly didn’t have the energy to ask her to slow down or even bother asking questions-- I just wanted it to be over so I could immediately schedule a new Resume Review. I did cry a bit after and feel sad rn.

In that 15+ min. critique I can’t even remember most of what she said, only “reduce the margins and make it fit on one page by changing the font size on gaps.” It was an absolute nightmare.

I’m not sure if there’s anything behind this, maybe it is anxiety I don’t know. But I just wanted to talk about it and see if any of you experienced this


Hi there!

So, I don’t have any experience getting my resume reviewed but I do have a lot of experience getting overwhelmed. Even though I think there’s a bit of difference to what is overwhelming us, I can absolutely relate to what you say.

So, for me I’ve experienced a lot of overwhelm ever since the new year started and… well new year is always something with the fireworks and everything going on around me. Anyways, I was already on a level of overwhelm that was very high at the end of december and right now it’s not great.

As far as what factors overwhelm me, that’s probably stress, pressure (I’m in college), perfectionism, family atmosphere in the house, sounds (I live in the busy part of the Netherlands and I absolutely hate it) and that’s probably most of it. It’s absolutely possible that there’s maybe more to it than overwhelm itself, I’ve already had help with social anxiety and I’m a lot less terrible at that now but that’s side information.

And well, I haven’t found the answer to solve overwhelm and I don’t think there’s an easy solution to it. However, I think there’s things we can do to lighten the burden of it. I can only speak for myself of course, but one thing that helps for me is to completely zone out with headphones on and just listen to relaxing music or podcasts. Other times I go outside and take a walk, if the weather’s good I sit on a bench and listen to music or whatever as well, even read a book.

It’s really something that bothers me as well, I get headaches, nausea, just not feeling like eating for hours a day so I skip meals and all. But this happened before and at some time the switch just flips over again so that’s what I hope now as well. What makes it tough now is that I sometimes can’t flee from sounds or anything of it because of covid. That’s an extra factor, but I guess we’ll see. So, yeah, that’s my experience with overwhelm and I don’t know if it helps anything at all, but I hope it helps to let you know that other people struggle with it as well, and it always passes. So hey, good luck with it, you can get through it :slight_smile:


PiPo long time no see. I get overwhelmed easily and just enter Fight Flight or Freeze the bodies stress response system. Don’t have time to write out a full msg but if I remember I will!

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