Being Social During Quarantone

I think I may be going nuts. I miss seeing people, talking to people. I miss being in the office rather than working at home. What I’m looking for is to see if people have suggestions for how to make friends online. I’ve realized that I don’t have a lot in common with the group I usually hang out with to be social and I’m looking to meet new people.

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You can always start through forums like this, or through groups or tags on social media. I’m never one to use Reddit, but that’s an option. You may also be able to find online support groups/chats if you look into it.

It can also help to reconnect with people you know. It may seem silly but Skype, Zoom, or even Facetime can be good outlets to reconnect with people. It can also help to correspond with friends via e-mail so you can write more of your thoughts and engage in updates sort of like pen pals.

I hope you find good support and connection whatever you decide to do!

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That’s true. I need to post more on forums like this one. I joined back at the beginning of June with good intentions but ended up neglecting it for a month and a half.

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Heh, “Covid Kid and the Quaran-Tones” … get their new album with their top singles “You Take My Breath Away” and “All I need is the Air That I Breathe” … !!

Just kidding … :slight_smile:

Actually, I have taken lockdown as an occasion to eliminate social media from my life. I suppose this forum kind-of counts as social media, but I think of it as a more directed discussion. I have gone through all my past Facebook and Google accounts, Instagram, everything, and deleted all my past activity. Now I allow myself ONE post on a couple of platforms (f.e., ONE status on Facebook, and if I post a new one, I delete the first one; or, ONE image on Instagram) and that means that each time I want to actually do something on the platform, I have to think about it. If I’m going to have to take the effort to take DOWN the old post in order to replace it with a new one, then I stop wanting to put UP so many new ones, and the new ones that I do put up, are much more well considered and careful. No more willy-nilly clicking “like like like” on every dang dead-cat video, I am instead much more motivated to only “like” things that matter to me.

It wasn’t easy. It felt like it took forever! It was about ten thousand click-re-click iterations on Facebook alone, and there are so many different places you have to look, to find your past traces. But I’m getting things pared down. My idea was, I wanted a new fresh start. I still have my old group memberships (the good ones; I nuked a lot) and I still have my friends lists. But anything I ever said in the past, or posted, on any social media platform, any “poke” or “like” or “thumbs up” or whatever else, is now gone. I deleted it all. To the best of my ability. There are some things you can’t delete, there are some glitches that re-post the past thing and I’m working on those, and there are just some places I haven’t found yet, I’m sure. But it really feels great, to no longer be “tethered” by all that old animosity. My idiot-cousins who would support Trump even if he personally injected their babies with covid serum, for example, are my friends and family members again, because I no longer see their rantings about whether the commies who require them to wear face masks are going to take over their suburb in July or August of this year, and I no longer have any responses written down where I say irrational things like, “killing others is not your democratic right” and “drinking Lysol is probably a bad idea, even if the president did recommend it” and “no, you can get the disease even if you pray to Jeebus, science says so,” silly me. It’s just much better, to be off of social media.

I think of the farmers in the 1800s. They had books, and chores, and once a week meeting, generally at church down in the village, about three miles walk. They didn’t go stir crazy. I’m liking that lifestyle. I’ve finished a great book by Turgenev for the first time, reread a few of my old favorites by G. Garcia-Marquez, am discovering Jose Saramago, watch soccer games sometimes, do much more figure-drawing and other “quick sketch” art (and I wish I was more industrious about my painting! but it seems the drawing always takes it over), and then everything goes swimmingly and I’m being very nice to everyone but my mother gets pissed off at me anyway. Which is how it always was. :frowning: So I guess some things never change.

Also it’s OK to be bad at getting dates. NOBODY has any dates! So, I don’t feel half as much like a loser who can’t get dates with attractive women, I just feel like a normal guy who can’t get dates with attractive women because nobody can get dates with any women. It’s neutralized the difference by bringing everyone down to my level. Isn’t that good? Is that good? I dunno, seemed good at the time, but now that I write it down that way, it doesn’t seem so good maybe … maybe?


I think it is good for the world to be turned upside down for a bit and that we get a load of ‘welcome to my world’ moments. And not just my personal world, I mean all,sorts of things: people who have ocd or similar reasons for being afraid to go out/catch things etc have been labeled as crazy in the past and now we should all be extra vigilant and wash our hands constantly etc. And most of us (in Europe at least) have experienced weeks of heightened anxiety coupled with isolation.

I still like to think that a bit of this experience will linger in our minds and help us all to understand some things (and each other) better.

I was brought up with a really good understanding of food hygiene because my parents had a restaurant and my mum did everything by the book and made sure all staff went on hygiene courses and got certified. It has frequently shocked me to see people in cafés or restaurants or on TV/ youtube etc tasting food with their fingers, or locking a spoon and putting it back into food that they will be serving to others. So I am really glad that people’s awareness of how germs are spread is increasing as well!

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Funny you mention OCD, because I recently heard that, before he was elected President, Trump was obsessive-compulsive about hand washing and germs. Isn’t that strange, he could have claimed to have been clairvoyant about the Covid pandemic, “See, I’ve been washing my hands and the rest of you dirty losers haven’t.” Never mind that he would have been wrong, his hand-washing was pointless at the time, it still would have been the sort of thing that Trump would do to gratify his ego, claiming to have been first at the tactic long before necessary. But, oddly – and this is why I bring it up, whether or not you support or oppose Trump you have to admit this is odd – oddly, he became a NON-hand-washer the instant the pandemic hit. He missed his chance and instead went exactly opposite. I would have figured he would have taken the chance to glorify himself. So strange. I haven’t heard of other cases of OCD getting “overly cured” by the outside arrival of sudden good reasons for the formerly unreasonable obsession.