Best Apps Library (updt 8/10/18)

I notice a lot of people talking about their favorite apps here, but since we’re all bumping around with our ADHD, it’s hard to keep track! I’ve seen people (and have been guilty of) talking about the same app in multiple different threads… So, I thought I’d make a little library of apps here to keep updated!


Focus Timers - Take over your phone's screen so you can't mess around!
  • Forest grows a tree while you work.
Time Management - Know what you've been doing this entire time!
Habit Tracking/To Do Lists - Know what to do next!
  • Habitica gamifies your habits and tasks.
Mood Tracking/Mental Health - How are you feeling?
  • Suicide Safety Plan helps you know what to do when you’re feeling suicidal.
  • Virtual Hope Box provides coping strategies for depression.
  • Moods helps track your mood with a mood journal.
  • Daylio helps track your mood with faces.
  • Up! helps track your mood, anxiety, medication; built for bipolar.
  • Woebot teaches coping mechanisms and tracks your mood.
  • Youper teaches coping mechanisms and tracks mood, helps you learn about your personality.
  • Headspace NOT FREE provides guided meditation.
  • Wildflowers provides guided meditation.
Note Keeping/Idea Management - What's on your mind?
Grocery Lists - How old is that meat?
Money Management - Keep up with your bills!
  • Personal Capital syncs with your bank accounts to show your spending/savings.
  • Mint syncs with your bank accounts to help manage spending.
Health Tracking - Don't forget to drink some water!
  • Solar Clock notifies you of your circadian rhythm, reminds you of meal times, and when to sleep; also an alarm.
  • Water Time encourages you to drink more water!
  • Accupedo turns your phone into a pedometer!
  • MyFitnessPal tracks what you eat, as simple as scanning the bar codes!

If your favorite app is missing, just post about it below! I’ll add it to the correct category here, OR make a new category for it!

(DISCLAIMER: No app here is sponsoring anything, and I’m not getting kickbacks from your clicks on any of these links or your downloads of any of these apps.)


That’s awesome Kayla, really well done. @scot should sticky this if possible.

I can’t think of any apps to put up there just now. If I find any, I’ll post.

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RecipeKeeperPro is a gift I gave my wife (her request) a couple years ago. She loves it. She can import recipies from pretty much anywhere, edit, add photos, and… here is the kicker, create a meal plan for a given period, and based on that generate a shopping list. She can even add custom items like Diapers or Dishwasher soap. Super handy. Available on Apple, Android, and Windows 10 store. (Plus, cross platform login. Had to purchase the app for my PC, but she logged in to the app with her login, and it loaded right up.)
She will find recipes on her phone or the PC, and use our tablet as the recipe book when cooking.

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Thanks!! I am kind of good at this sort of thing, and I know everyone benefits from centralized resources. :smile:

@JudasTheHammer - I’ve added RecipeKeeperPro under Grocery Lists. Good find!

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Updated the “Mood Tracking/Mental Health” category to include the apps mentioned at the bottom of @Jessica and @Edward’s suicide video from this week. :slight_smile:


OMG routinist!

I entered my morning routine (brush, shower, pick clothes, whatever) and how long I think each thing takes me.

In the morning, I start the timer and it displays a bar of how long I’ve taken to do each thing in my list one after the next. It displays the estimated time WHEN I WILL BE DONE if I actually take as long as I said on each thing.

As if that wasn’t enough, if I get distracted and open another app it immediately sends me something “Remember, you’re picking an outfit (3 min left) Next: shower”

I’ve kept using it for almost a month… it hasn’t completely solved my problems but it absolutely helps.

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I need this for android!!!