Bilateral music

I just got out of a session tonight. It is crazy that I am still learning things after being newly diagnosed about how I was already doing things that people with ADHD and others that are neurodivergent do without even realizing it. One of them is “split-brain,” or divided attention, as my therapist described it. I remember thinking it was strange that it may be common to listen to music or watch TV while studying. I thought EVERYONE did it or could do it until I realized that while most did or could do this, I NEEDED to do it. I can’t read in silence. I also can’t have conversations in silence (haha, you know what I mean!). I enjoy the TV on or to be doing something else like walking/pacing. I remember reading about Binaural beats but never knew about Bilateral music or brainspotting techniques.

I have to say that I am hooked on this stuff. I listen to lo-fi, hip-hop, and some electronic music when doing tasks I deep focus on but never intentionally experienced bilateral before. Musicians often add this technique, but it isn’t the song’s focus. Does anyone have experience and playlist that they would like to share that they enjoy listening to?