Bored of workout— what to do?


So last year, I discovered yoga and while it was new and shiny and challenging, I did it everyday, twice a day but for the past couple months, as that newness faded away, I started to get bored and now I’ve completely stopped. The problem is that I also have hyperthyroidism and the yoga was helping me manage that.

So my question is, what do you do when you start getting bored of a particular workout? I’ve tried other stuff but nothing seems to hold my interest like yoga did in the beginning. I can’t go out and take in person classes cause I have major social anxiety. I don’t know what to do…

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For me, I don’t really workout per say. I mostly just walk. What helps me is walking on a treadmill and watching music shows (EDM) or shows on Netflix / Amazon. I also enjoy dancing to music (in my apartment where no one can see). Those help keep things interesting.

Otherwise I try to do basic things like taking the stairs, parking farther away at the store, and moving more.

I imagine taking on new classes and challenges like martial arts, Tai Chi, a fitness class, or even building to something like a 5K might help keep things interesting and challenging. Assuming your physical limitations can accommodate any of those.


@quietlylost I’ll try watching something while exercising on the exercise bike. Hopefully that will help. And random dancing sounds like fun! Thank you!


I have found that some form of aerobic exercise is helpful with all sorts of issues. it lifts my mood, increases my frustration tolerance, both with the result that I don’t get angry as often. I did not feel comfortable riding a bike in the street given my age (73) and poor balance. I spent a tidy some on a very nice exercise bike that sits in my family room. Do I get on it on consecutive days? Sometimes. Seems each time I get off the bike and feel better I “re-discover” how much it helps. Years ago, when I was able to make a long banner using a matrix-dot printer, I put something up on my bedroom wall above my Nordic Trac ski machine that read: “Exercise or Feel Like Shit!”. Can’t say it set a good example for my children but that’s how important it was to remind myself.

After I’m done here, I’m plan to do 30 minutes on my exercise bike. If I actually follow through with the “plan”, it will be the third day in a row after a long stretch of not doing it at all.

So I say “Exercise and feel good!”.



can you play some music or try different types of yoga ?

You, my friend, are an inspiration! Thank you :blush:

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I find music distracting. As for new poses, I think my problem is that I have a very difficult time finding a good online yoga teacher that I like. I like teachers who try to build a connection with the student, even through videos but it seems everyone just focuses on just working out. The one online teacher I do like, she keeps repeating the same beginner poses.

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ah is there an advance class that she teaches ? other than that I don’t really have much else to say

No, unfortunately :cry:

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That is hard. It might be prohibitive financially, but could you find a yoga teacher/trainer/fitness person that is willing to do personalized sessions online? There has to be somebody out there doing something like this.

I know apps and workout people like to build online communities. Can you get involved with those and find motivation there? You don’t have to do any in-person, but you could still find people to keep you going.

Can you set a fun challenge for yourself? Like visit all of the parks in your city in a year?


My quick recommendation is to change things up. Start introducing some pilates as something slightly different but still complementary to yoga, or get into another form of totally different exercise, boxing or weights or any of those other gym things. I was about to recommend some classes, but then I spotted your thing about social anxiety - I’ve only got a bit of it, but gym classes usually freak me out, too.

Being trapped with ferociously inquiring mind but simultaneously being kind of physically lazy, I’ve spent a great deal of time talking to trainers when I was supposed to be working out and I’ve managed to pick up a few bits and bobs over the years.

One of the really interesting things is that muscles get used to particular types of exercise, to the point where they almost get “bored” and are only going through the motions. For instance, the classic chest press, something absolutely every guy at a gym is compelled to do (it’s something in the hormones, I swear), can become almost useless if done exactly the same way every time. Changing things up even a little, such as using dumbbells instead of a bar, changing the angle of the press, using a swiss ball instead of a bench, can make a really big difference and get the muscles firing up again.

I’m going to hazard a guess here and assume that you’ve gotten really good at your yoga moves, but that lately you haven’t been feeling the same sort of buzz. Partly that will be that it isn’t new and shiny anymore, but I’m guessing that another part is that your body is simply getting used to yoga.

Pilates is pretty close to yoga, close enough that you’ll probably feel pretty confident the first time you try it, but it’s got a different focus, more on building core strength and particular muscles. If you start interspersing pilates with your yoga, say a fifty-fifty split, you might find that your body is once again being challenged and that your yoga becomes interesting again.

Or you could get into something totally different, and really change things up. Boxing is one of my favourites (it’s a cardio workout that doesn’t get boring!) but that needs at least one other person, and most gyms offer it in a class, which is less than ideal for a number of reasons, not least of which is your social anxiety. Classes also suck because the instructor is never able to give proper one-on-one attention to address poor form or going at the wrong pace.

A good one might be high intensity interval training (HIIT), which involves, as the name suggests, short bursts of high intensity exercise designed to boost overall strength and aerobic fitness. Many of the routines are designed to be done without gym equipment, too, so you can do them at home or, I dunno, in a park or at the beach or wherever you might like to exercise.

The thing that I find helps with more intense aerobic exercise is dance music with a constant beat. Mid-nineties techno like the Chemical Brothers is ideal! But avoid dubstep at all costs - those sudden tempo changes are bloody awful when you’re trying to regulate your breathing.

Anyway, that’s my two bob’s worth. Have a crack at pilates for starters and see if that helps with the yoga.


I guess I could try to find someone who would be willing to do personalized sessions online. Thank you for that suggestion!

I actually did set a challenge for myself where I told myself that I would become a yoga teacher within the next five years but I think the challenge is so far into the future that my brain is like “Nah, we got time.” I need a more urgent challenge I suppose.

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I have actually tried Pilates before but didn’t like it :flushed:

And I was actually watching HIIT videos today so I might try it but I think I will need to start out with low impact videos first cause I am way too out of shape to jump.

Aw man like if I didn’t have social anxiety I would TOTALLY go to kickboxing or an MMA class! I have ALWAYS wanted to learn one of the two.

But I’m like this chunky awkward Indian girl. I DO NOT look like someone who belongs at an MMA class. I’d feel so out of place shudder


Just a left field idea, like there should be any other type here? :slight_smile:

Get a dog, a medium sized rescue dog would probs be the cheapest route.

I’ve been a animal lover all my life (my avatar is Mario, living on in the interwebs) Our family recently got a border collie pup and I’m left wondering why I had never considered getting a dog.

As far as I recall there was some research out of Sweden that the bigger the dog, the more exercise their owner got.

The other advantage is that they don’t fold up under the bed (ours is now jumping on top of it) and they will take care of you much more than you have to give them.

Anyway, rando idea, as always outcomes may vary depending on the individual. Good luck.


OMG this is like the best idea ever! And I would so love to get a dog. Honestly, I feel like nothing helps me with my anxiety and depression more than dogs but unfortunately my apartment complex doesn’t allow one or else I definitely would have adopted one. One of my bosses has a German Shepard pup and the last time I went into the office, she was there and I like ignored everyone and played with her the whole time. Best day of my life in a long time.


Yeah, it always seems that people are either/or on the pilates/yoga thing.

If you’re keen on kickboxing or MMA, have a start with a couple of one-on-one sessions with a trainer to build your confidence, then try out some of the classes.

And don’t worry about being a bit chunky in the gym! Anyone who might judge you is going to be a gargantuan wanker! Serious gym-goers don’t judge people on their physique or for having an honest go at something. The only people who get judged are the “look at me” types, the guys (yeah, it’s usually guys) who smash weights down, make a massive amount of noise and generally try to impress people with how manly and strong they are. Feel free to judge those people.

One way you might overcome the social anxiety in classes could be to find out who instructs the class and have a chat to them beforehand. That way, you’ll at least know the person in charge, and they might buddy you up with someone at a similar level. Could be worth a shot.

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Just to let you know: your response has made my day! Like tingly cool!
Might be time to start looking for a place that lets you keep a dog, or maybe just volunteer at an animal shelter?
I know, one more to do item, my bad.

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That’s a great idea actually! I think I saw an MMA gym nearby that offers one on one sessions. Might give them a go.

I have also seen gyms where they offer one on one consultations before you take a class. I suppose that could be a way to ease my anxieties.

And omg “gargantuan wanker”? That just made my whole night!! :rofl: :rofl:


Awwwwww I’m glad! :grinning:

By the way, your Mario’s a real cutie.

And yeah, I could try to volunteer at an animal shelter. I know it will for sure help me destress. Thanks!