Brain Dumps kinda Revolutionary... at least for me



Hello fellow brains,

My recent rediscovery of awareness and focus is so much more fun, if I can use it for my and others good. As we all know: That doesn’t always work :exploding_head:

I’m 23 yrs old and have been formerly diagnosed with ADHD. I did not get any type of treatment till now. I started with MTP and that was like putting on the right strength of glasses all of the sudden. With having been raised by a mom un-diagnosed but suspected of ADHD, I can’t really say I have any type of “normal” conscience. It feels like my synapses are just wired differently, but also the same, than/as a lot of people.

I found a lot of posts in our community incredibly inspirational! And those moments of clarity came from everybody and anybody in here! So Thank You All for being You

My past flashing in front of me on Ritalin, was kinda like running into a brick wall, which you can’t see, but feel, before you run into it. Though I’m grateful for the time before, I kinda am also for the time now.

I thought about how I could bring smth to the community, and I wanted to share with you some things I wrote down after dissociating (I guess kinda in the ‘waking up’ part of it)

Every pain, every hurt, every second, every hour
Is yours forever, and that is your power

My lack of social interactions is fine
If I could, I would, I tried, I’m fine

When everything is wrong, you make it right
I tell myself every night

Have at it ;D



Very nice! Welcome!!!


i love that little poem


Hello… er… everybody? :grin: Hehe, Love the name.


So I love what you wrote down! It feels very… real… there is no sugar coating, there is no trying to hide it, it’s raw and true and so relatable. :heart: Thank you so much for sharing what you wrote! I hope you’ll continue to find inspiration here, as well as encouragement should you ever need it, or advice should you ever be lost. :slight_smile: We are glad to have ya. :heart:


Hey @HarleyKyn,

thank you for the supporting and awesome welcome (the bear made my day :grin:)

I think part of the “rawness” of my post comes from a minute hyperfocuse on anthropology and observation (self and others).

For most of my childhood (after the extreme hyperactivity phase) I tried to fit in with others. Socializing is difficult to this day. Being excluded from most of my pears, I felt like the odd one out. I always had a friend or two, but never really deeply connected with any human until my late teens.

-> Whilst that was a painful time in my life, I’ve overcome certain aspects of my neuro-diversity. (some in rather healthy others in unhealthy ways).

With having experienced the german and american (usa) culture, it’s incredibly interesting to see the differences and similarities between them… e.g.: americans are much more outgoing than germans. (I’m generalizing)

Wish y’all a great day


Glad the bear could make your day! He’s one of my favorite bears. :blush:
I totally don’t collect waving bear gifs. Nope. Not at all.

Socializing isn’t my favorite thing. I’ve been excluded a lot, too, so I totally get what you mean. And thinking about it, it was definitely late teens that I started finding people I could connect with (unfortunately I’m not friends with them anymore but that’s definitely not due to ADHD, so that’s a plus? I think. :thinking:).

Eh, I think we’ve all overcome things in a mix of unhealthy and healthy ways. :sweat_smile: Nice job overcoming though!

Also I can believe that about Americans! And Germans. :joy: I love 'em both.
It’s funny you bring up Germans, actually! My boyfriend wasn’t born in Germany, but was raised for a few years by his very German grandparents. So I know a touch about German culture, but not a whole lot. We hope to visit one day.



I have to admit, the bears I saw where a big part of my motivation to write smth xD
I totally did not read a lot of posts and had an emotional rollercoaster of realizing I’m not alone, empathizing with others challenges and finding incredible support and perspectives. :astonished::thinking::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think either with or without diagnosis, doesn’t change who I am, only what I think I know. So therefore I think the relationships/friendships, which ended, ended because of decisions on both sides…
That being said, even before my diagnosis and medication, I explored ways of communicating myself as myself (hope that makes sense), not because of my neuro-diversity.

Well, I feel like part of the overcoming was cigarettes as an Reality-Anchor… So, unhealthy? :sweat_smile:

Me too. I found a lot of interesting properties in both cultures. Where I found beer in the german culture to be the Most Abused Drug Ever for all ages in life, in the USA beer wasn’t as big of a thing.

//Though I think that really depends on where you are at in the US. Kinda funny how that much landmass is ruled by really one government, how would smbd in Washington D.C. know, what the people in California need/want/desire given their fundamental difference in climate/culture/political standpoint, etc. etc.

So to say the least, I’m not a huge fan of centralized rules and regulations at the extend of where it is. Yeah, our perspective is in almost all aspects relative. :smile:



Ohmygod. I’m even more apologetic for being so late with my waving bear, then! :heart:

Totally makes sense!

Little bit :sweat_smile: But you wouldn’t be the first and probably wont’ be the last. :heart:



One day all of the smokers will unite, and we will rise up against the tyranny and oppression.

You never even see any pipe smokers any more. We will revenge them with the ashes of our cigarettes, mark my words.

One day soon, my friends, young an old alike will be able to enjoy a pipe in freedom. Men and women of all nationalities will be able to live in peace again under beautiful silver clouds of smoke.


That was incredibly poetic. :joy: