Brain firendly apps

Hello Brains!!

What are your favorite apps to make life more Brain friendly? I’m looking on apps that help me with routines, habits and focus. I saw Jessica’s video about Owaves and I would love to find something like that for Android.

Right now I’m using Fabulous for habit making and so far I like it. But I wanted to know what else is there.


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The most useful app for me is Google Keep (requires a Google user account, i.e. Gmail). It’s a note taking app similar to Evernote in concept, but easier for me to use.

I don’t recommend it for everyone, but it works for me.

Create text notes and check-lists.
Assign categories
Set alarms for notes:

  • one-time or recurring
  • based on time or location
    Add pictures to notes (pictures only show up at the top of the note)
  • The drawing tool is not very good, IMHO

You can also access the notes via Google Chrome, if you sign into Chrome with the same Gmail account.

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I use Keep constantly to keep my hobby research sources and kitchen recipes organized. I love that you can color the notes so you know at a glance what are you looking at, category wise.


Huh, color…I found that once upon a time, but forgot about it.

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I use a chalkboard :joy: for me it works better than any app ive found for organising my day

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My boss just got me the whiteboard I asked for at work. It’s half the size I thought I would get, but I know it will come in handy. However, I have yet to use it. (I need it so I can write down projects and work assignments that are coming up soon, so that I don’t have to try to remember things.)

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Old school works for some things for me, but I’ve found that I tend to forget that I wrote them so I don’t do things anyway. An app with a good reminder system has been a lifesaver


you just got to find whatever works best for yourself :+1:t3:


Oh I know… but there is so may options out there that I wanted to check what other brains used before jumping to an unknown :slight_smile:


I really like the idea of a Bullet Journal, but I’ve started one three times and haven’t kept up with it more thana few days at a time so far.

I’d love to have an app that’s like a cross between a Bullet Journal and a habit tracker.

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That would be exactly what I’m looking for, a needle in a haystack


I use Habitica for a lot of stuff. It lets me make a list of habits, dailies, and to dos. It’s also in an RPG-style format, so you get to complete quests and get pets and weapons and a bunch of cool stuff. Plus, you can form a party of people to help keep you accountable! It’s both a mobile app and a thing you can use in your browser on your computer, but it does require internet to work. But the fact that it’s free makes up for that.

I’ve also been trying out Scrivener for National Novel Writing Month, and it’s nice because it keeps everything together, so that I don’t have to go hunting in my notebooks that are all over the house for the age of someone’s grandma.


Im trying habitica right now along with fabulous and so far they have a good synergy. Fabulous helps with setting specific routines while habitica helps with individual habits and the gamification system


I prefer old school pen and paper. However my dislike of techy stuffs= less time spent on my list keeping.

Google keep helps me make a list, sort it and forget about it til later it’s on every electronic device I have. Love it!

I have lots of fun idea lists, that I often add to, or archive (let go of), grocery list, need to do today or this week. Whatever comes up when I am trying to do something else gets added to a list, then I can get back on-task.


Welcome to the HowToADHD forums @Snow_Popis ! I like how you have lists of goals. I’m trying to work on self improvement, so I think I’ll start by writing a list of goals like that.

Google Keep has been super helpful for me all the time. I keep notes and lists all in one place, which I can search and sort and access from both my phone and the website. I have two Google accounts that I switch between, my main one that I use for almost everything, and a second for my nom de plume (pen name) as an author and blogger.

I used to rely on a pocket sized notebook, but I would rarely go back and reviewer what I’d written. As a techie, I find that the access that Keep enables me to have to my previous thoughts is invaluable.

Welcome here . . . Good to have another :brain: in the family!


That looks a nice collection of lists!! I’m glad works for you. I tried using Keep only and I quickly get lost in all the notes. I do use it as reference collection though for my research and recipes. I’m compiling my own cookbook

Well there is one list that’s a real KILLER :joy: . . . that of Ko-Ko, The Lord High Executioner of Titipu, from the The MIKADO, Operetta by Gilbert & Sullivan!


PS: I know that I take liberties by injecting my silly humor and puns in some responses here. But in all sincerity, in addition to trying to be helpful here to others . . . which is an unpaid and very gratifying extension of my many years as a Social Worker in the mental health field . . . At 75 years of age with some of my mental faculties no longer as splendid as they once were :sunglasses: . . . Being creative / being funny (perhaps not to everyone) keeps me young and out-of-trouble! I am so grateful for this forum and all of you . . .


Would something like this work? Not my thing, but might work for you. Modified bullet journal with trackers.


Welcome Sheila . . .

Your 1st visit is noteworthy. You introduced yourself with a suggestion to help other :brain: :brain:’s here . . .

That’s what this place . . . this family . . . this warm, accepting, non-judgemental bunch of people is all about!

I’ve been hanging out here for just about 2 years. Hardly miss a day.

As you may choose, we’d love to hear your story (so to speak)!

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