Brain Fog? Unclear Thinking? Tips Needed!

Hi everyone

I’m brand new and actually just trying to work out whether I might have ADD/ADHD in the first place. It would explain a lot of things that have been going on with me for, well, my whole life. Like my inability to sleep, or just do one thing at a time, the way my brain obsesses over things whether I want to think about them or not, and my 3,000 half-learned hobbies!!!

But what I want to ask about is unclear thinking. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a VERY long time and it’s just becoming unmanageable now. I forget things almost the instant I’ve learned about them. I have a Filofax and I write things in my phone calendar but still miss appointments and forget important dates. I have a little radio show at a local hospital and booked a guest interview on it for next week. Except somehow, and I still don’t get how, I got REALLY confused and just two days after making the arrangements, was CONVINCED it was yesterday!! I put out all the advertising for it, then panicked when the guy didn’t show up. In the end, I looked back through the messages, saw it was for next week and it all came flooding back, but I look like a total idiot now for chasing him while he’s ON HOLIDAY.

This is just so typical of me and nothing I do seems to change anything. I always end up looking like a twonk in front of people I need to look professional in front of. Right now I’m just in retail so it’s not the end of the world but I’m looking for a new job and I really worry about how I’ll manage. If they give me a load of tasks to do, I’m going to struggle to organise myself. I lose track of time very easily, and if I feel like something is overwhelmingly important, I become the Queen of Procrastination. And while people are giving me instructions, my brain likes to take little holidays as well, so I often lose bits of information I really need.

I just don’t know if I can face going to the doctor about this. I’m worried they’re going to think I’m a hypochondriac or that I’m just a bit useless (certainly what I think most of the time). So what can I do to help myself get out of the fog and think clearly for a change? What can I do to help myself remember things and focus? How can I get through the fog enough to come up with some good ideas?

Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

Hi there,

I can totally relate. I would suggest going to the doctor and get diagnosed. I was diagnosed when I was 16 and had a lot of trouble staying awake or falling asleep. Same with my brain taking holidays (it still does :sweat_smile:). So I’ve been on medication since and it changed my life for the better. No heavy fogs anymore. :laughing:

I hope you’ll find out what to do.

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You’ve got a great write up here that explains your notable symptoms and how they interfere with your life. You could print this off and either give it to the doctor or read it to them. Ultimately you will probably get the most benefit from getting a diagnosis (perhaps ADHD or perhaps another cause of brain fog). For things that you can do on your own, physical activity, sleep cycle, and regular eating habits would probably have some benefits for brain fog.

For appointments and dates, I swear by alerts on my phone. I usually set them for a day in advance and an hour in advance.

Thank you so much!

I really need to sleep better, that’s for sure, but it’s been a problem since I was about 15. Some nights I go to bed and feel really sleepy but it’s as though my brain just forgets how to fall asleep. Even if I’m incredibly tired, I close my eyes and nothing at all happens. I’ve done everything - no screen time for an hour before bed, establish a routine, etc. Doesn’t always work, sadly! But I exercise quite a lot as it is (usually in the mornings before breakfast) and my eating habits are very good in general. I feel as though I’m doing what I can but it doesn’t always help.

More reason to speak to a doctor, I suppose!

Thank you so much for the tip about alerts on the phone. I’ll give that a try!


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It’s awesome that you’re already doing those things! I imagine that you’re likely already experiencing some benefits from them, but that you’ve hit the limit of how much they can help.

Are you feeling a bit more confident about the idea of talking to a doctor?

Edited to add: There are definitely tweaks you can use to cope better while experiencing brain fog and I’m happy to discuss those, too, I just think that reducing the brain fog has the greatest potential benefit