brains pick this over give me feed back i know i need names & dates anything else

Six months earlier I stop self medicating ,things did not go well I lay in the fetal position on the sofa when I stopped going outside wife knew it was time for the two see a Dr So I did and was diagnosed with adhd for the second time in my life .I was prescribed medicine an hour later felt like a new person A few months later I get a call from kaiser telling me that my Dr. Is no longer with kaiser and I would have come down and see a new Dr. So I did in 10 minutes I had a new diagnosis the drug addict my meds were taken I was referred to intake which is detoxification which has a posable three day hold My Dr. Did not inform me that he was doing this lucky for me I spotted it didn’t go he also sign me up for the new kaiser outpatient drug rehab !.My mom and dad used to own and run a drug rehab I know a little bit of how things work from the other side of the desk I know 10 minutes is not enough time to evaluate a some one.
Dr jefferies did not bother asking any thing that showed any drug related problem other than me self medicating witch I don t like to do but its that or lose control of my thoughts
.It seems to me kaiser is pulling the old bait and switch con too many things line up to be a coincidence that and the fact that there was no problem I was doing 90% better and your Dr just T bones me you have any idea how much of a tail spin that puts a person in ? of course you do your a Dr That s one heck of a way to fill seats for your rehab I never once abused my meds never ask for more I needed never ran out early
.? Witch got me to think something else
is at play here ,because I’m easy prey typically adhd people do not complain and your doctors know this they know that we blame ourselves over anybody else which makes an easy target knowing that we will not complain or write a letter in defincse, But this crosses a Ethical and moral line with me it s the principle of the matter when it comes to principals you’ve Gotta fight on your hands I feel that I have not got a complete and full diagnosis .Its not uncommon for other illnesses & disabilities to run with ADHD i definitely have some sort of learning disability as well I need to be seen & tested . quite frankly I don’t feel as if I could trust kaiser but its something that I need to have done This is what im asking kaiser to do ,give me my meds back cus they work! Test me for Other illnesses that run with ADHD find out this learning disability is & treat it .Im hoping that kaiser rectify s this issue i will be waiting for a replay

my meds back because they work and I think i need proper coping tools because they work ! If drugs start having negative affects on me and my life then a rehab might be needed but so far its only helped now with no meds im being forced to do things that are not lawful to get meds thanks kaiser for taking my meds with no backing as to why Not to be referred to a drug rehab normal people take drugs to feel high sick people take drugs to feel normal and im the second half I would expect Kaiser to know the difference I want to know what kaiser plans to do about this issue I guess what I’m saying is i am willing to give kaiser one more chance to rectify this problem I’ll be waiting for a reply

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