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After watching the latest HTADHD video on getting out the door on time, I downloaded the Brili app and made a morning routine for “kid Josh” based mostly on the morning routine I’ve been doing for ages, but with one big difference–in the middle of my important morning things (brush my teeth, feed the cat, meditate, get dressed, get breakfast and lunch together) I made time to get online and check emails, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The thing is, I can check all of those things on my smarty and I’m on a computer most of the time at work, so I’m checking all the internet things constantly through the day. Doing it in the morning between other things almost always meant I lost track of time and had to rush through a lot of things, and I’d still be late getting out the door.

But with the Brili routine I made, I made getting online a reward for getting everything else done. And the way the app counts down the time for each thing on the list, it keeps me on task. So far I’ve been done with everything necessary early and the pride in accomplishing that has made me stay more aware of the time. It also helps that I set an alarm for 5 minutes before it’s time for me to leave for work, and since I’ve already gotten everything I need to get done DONE, I’ve made it out the door ON TIME! (Now if only there was an app to stop traffic from being bad. I left for work early this morning and was still 5 minutes late because traffic was bad.)

I also created a bedtime routine and set it for a specific time that’s early enough that I’m not staying up too late, which means I’m getting more sleep, so I’m more suited for following the morning routine.

I’ve had to tweak my routines as I figure what works and what doesn’t, and I’m still playing around with the app, but it’s definitely helping and I’m really chuffed.


oh, can we high five over this?? I’ve been using Brili too and I love it! I’m getting so much more done in the morning. I really like that I can relax, knowing that if I can finish tasks within the time limits that I set then I will definitely leave on time because Brili calculates the time I need to wake up in order to get everything done (I’ve been setting my alarm a good 15 mins before that because getting out of bed is its own task)

I like your idea to use internet as a reward because the amount of time you spend online is flexible and if you happen to take longer getting your tasks done, it’s not the end of the world because you could still reply to emails from work.



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