Brushing my teeth literally bores me to death.


I have tried everything - but I just can’t remember or encourage myself to brush my teeth twice a day.

I’m 25 and I have to trick myself into brushing my teeth with gimmicks like phone apps, post it notes, new brushes, buying a new toothpaste every week because I hate the flavours.

brushing my teeth for two whole minutes is excruciating, I just want to do ANYTHING ELSE!

It almost feels painful having to drag myself to the bathroom and do something so incredibly boring after I’ve already crawled into bed exhausted.

I find I can only seem to brush my teeth without any issues or without complaining when I’m either in the shower and I can simultaneously brush while washing my hair and shaving : which doesn’t feel like a complete waste of time - and If I’m at my study desk Ill often have a second toothbrush to brush my teeth while I’m browsing the web etc?

Does anyone else have this issue or have any ideas to force myself to do this every day / it’s becoming a huge problem having to keep repairing cavities when the solution is something so embarrassingly simple and obvious. :unamused: just brush your damn teeth Arty!


I. hate. teeth. brushing.

Fun fact: I only brush once a day. Because that is literally all I can manage. I was aiming for twice a day, but I just cannot get myself to do that. It’s absolutely horrid. Thank god habitica got me started on the habit… now it’s kind of half-mindless, though I do forget sometimes. First thing I do is get up, go potty, brush my teeth, then do my hair. And I try to make sure I don’t do the next step and skip brushing my teeth.

However, it sounds like having a toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere would be a good idea! Like one on your desk, one for your bathroom sink and one set for the shower. Of course this all depends on how hearty your teeth are too D: But try just getting good at brushing them once. Also my dentist suggested brushing at a slight angle so you’re also brushing and massaging along your gumline so your gums stay healthier.

I also recommend flossing (with the floss picks cause… traditional floss is my enemy) but that’s… also hard to try to do. I stopped doing it but then my dentist was like YOU HAVE AN APPT ON THE 20TH so now I’m obsessively brushing and flossing in the morning in hopes of tricking them into thinking I don’t suck at flossing. x_x;


I too hate brushing my teeth :confused:

My trick is going to youtube on my phone and start a video before I begin brushing, that way my focus is on the video and not the brushing.
I have tried it on flossing too but that doesn’t seem to work for me, so I’ll have to try something else entirely to remember it and to actually do it xD


I actually am a little like @HarleyKyn, I tend to only brush once most of the time except I don’t hate doing it, I just forget to do it if it isn’t right after taking a shower. In my case the solution was showering before starting my day and again as my sleeping routine (not really a routine because I do something different every morning and night to keep it fun)

In your case, since you mentioned apps, you should look into getting a smart brush. I have seen some reviews on it and in my opinion, making your teeth a video game console where the remote is your toothbrush and the games are displayed on your phone sounds like an amazing thing to look forward to. Downside is the price tag on those things and remembering to charge them.


Brushing teeth can be boring - but remember to use the opportunity to explore your mouth cavity, check on your gums etc - this helps a little. @2rz mentioned watching youtube videos - this works for me too - or even just reading something while I’m doing it.

Brushing teeth can be a “background activity” like fidgeting, while reading a book, watching a video, etc. So that helps. Also, not getting caught up in the idea that you have to do it a certain way - if you can’t do 2 minutes, that’s fine. Something is better than nothing. :slight_smile: Do 1 minute, but start off rinsing your mouth out with water. Maybe rinse - floss - brush, if you can.

Even time yourself! It doesn’t have to take 2 minutes, you can get it down to 1 (or less?) with practice, and it’s more fun if you’re incrementally improving. :slight_smile:


Well, this may gross people out, but I love taking my morning shower. In that time I get to be under the nice comfortable warm water. Brushing my pearly whites is one more task to keep me in the comfort of that gentle massage of warm water. That’s also the best deep thinking time for me as well. I think so deep sometimes that after I’m out of the shower and all dried off, I brush my hair and realize I didn’t wash my hair. The mindless act of brushing my teeth gets done when I am in my head. It has built itself into a bona-fide habit.

Now I have to figure out what I can do to get myself to brush at night…


I use an electric toothbrush. I find that I get better results, especially when mindlessly/autopilot brushing. Also it lets me know after each 30s interval has passed, and 2 minutes.

It is boring generally but I kind of space out often until the 2 minutes is up. Then I fix any areas that my tongue tell me need more brushing.

Flossing has always been more of a pain for me. This is compounded by the fact that I need floss threaders to floss my front teeth (due to orthodontic wires). I often floss my molars and get lazy on the front teeth.


That’s a good idea! I use a YouTube vid to get out of bed some mornings haha! :joy:


Trust - my teeth get DESTROYED by the toothbrush 15 times a day the week leading up the the dentist hahaha! :rofl:


Yep! I never forget in the shower it’s like a ritual!


Also, I just realise I have one on my bedside table as well haha, helps occasionally!

Yeah I have those floss picker things too but that’s a whole other drama haha I’m so bad with flossing


I just love how we can openly share pretty much anything that is affected by our ADHD brains, even our personal hygiene and there is understanding and acceptance here.

I had no problem telling you guys my teeth brushing habits and I think that is REALLY COOL not because of me, but because of YOU!

Thank you!



I used to brush teeth morning at night whilst i was in school with a routine in place.

But after uni ended and all my routines vanished into the cold abyss, I only ever remembered to brush teeth during night time because I have to sleep with a retainer. So it was the only thing holding me accountable to brushing them at night.

Ironically, it was through watching some of HowToADHD’s vids about routines, that I started trying to get back into the habit of brushing my teeth every morning, only recently.

So I turned it into a ‘domino’ effect type of thing.

Where I’d go toilet (cause our toilet and bathroom is separate), go wash hands in bathroom, and then immediately open the cupboard where the toothbrush lived. So that instead of: ‘i have to A, and then B, and then C’

it would just be ‘oh look a door! oh look toothbrush lives here!’

I never brush for a solid 2 minutes though |D It’s just… boring. But I dance, or maladaptive daydream something chronic whilst brushing teeth. It’s easier to not be bored if I have a movie playing in my head. Or, I just walk around the house doing other stuff whilst brushing my teeth at the same time. Make tea or breakfast with toothbrush hanging out mouth. A+
(Sometimes a good toothbrush just makes for a really good pressure/tactile stim though, and then I can just brush for ages.)

I’ll eventually have to run back to the bathroom once there’s too much toothpaste foaming up, so I can put it away.


I’m not sure you should brush your teeth that often.You could destroy your enamel :frowning:
(The 15 times a day thing)


I hate brushing my teegh and always forget


Same here, and its so annoying …
PS, im a dental student xD


I relate to this so hard. I’m terrible at it, but I will say that brushing until you’re bored is probably much more effective than trying to force yourself to brush for 2 full minutes and struggling to get yourself to do that. Make it easier on yourself by cheating! (a little). To be fair, none of those dentists recommending 2 minutes are specifically giving this advice to people with ADHD


I feel so embarrassed to even think about this but yes, I hate it too. I am almost 27 now. I can do it before going out during the day because otherwise, my social reputation will be destroyed. It is really boring and I really don’t want to do it. One of my life goals is brushing my teeth every night before going to bed. I am now pretty punctual but I still don’t always brush my teeth before bed. I am sleepy and all.

My one friend(who also hated brushing her teeth)'s suggestion was that whenever I go to the bathroom for the first time after dinner, I should brush my teeth instead of waiting for the bedtime. By doing so I might eat something afterward, at least I brushed my teeth after dinner. But doesn’t work for me lol… maybe it will work for someone else?


I hate brushing my teeth as well I can only manage once a day and that’s in the mornings it helps wake me up but its boring and I forget to do it often so I make it a game that the only way I can move on to showering is to brush my teeth the worst part I may start talking to my self and use up the time which makes me have to rush in the end I just hate it


I’m a walking advertisement for brushing your teeth. I was born with a face full of fangs, all at weird angles and in weird places.

Then I’ve been butchered by orthodonists and dentists (one guy I went to as a kid had been done for manslaughter, but managed to change his name and keep practising, due to having a dad who was a QC, the highest level of judge in Australian courts).

Combined with a sweet tooth and the same tooth brushing avoidance you guys are talking about, I’ve been left in a sorry state.

I have had some good dentists, but too little, too late for me. I just want to take out what I have remaining, and start from scratch with implants. Supposedly, that’s unethical for a dentist to do. I’ve honestly thought about bashing them all out myself with an iron bar, but that’s not going to happen.

Anyway, I agree with @Jhook

I have an electric toothbrush sitting above my shower door, and brush in the shower. I can enjoy the hot water, it adds an element of reward, as it gives me an excuse to stay in a happy place a little bit longer before I go to work. Now it’s a routine I don’t even think about.