Brushing my teeth literally bores me to death.

Have you tried a foot fidget? My favorite is a nubby-filled, microfiber rug with different sizes and textures of “nubs.” I keep it under my desk and squish my toes in it all day.
Perhaps you could buy some teeth-cleaning gum, or using an antiseptic mouthwash when you just can’t stand brushing a second time. I think there’s a brand called “Orbit” or something similar that had a whole ad campaign on making your teeth (slightly) cleaner.
I don’t much like brushing myself, so I tend to start brushing in the bathroom and then walk around the house doing things (make the bed with one hand, put things by the door that I need to bring to work, let the dog out in the backyard). When I need to spit, I find a sink. If I’m outside, all the better. Then I’m done, and I’m not bored silly. Anyway, hope this helps.


This is really the kind of post I love because this is such a small thing that I struggle with too, and now I finally realize why and that others have the same issue!

Here’s what has helped me the most with this problem: I buy an electric toothbrush with one of my favorite cartoon/anime characters on it! Then I’m actually excited to use it cause it’s so cute and the vibration makes a funny sound and kinda tickles my mouth lolol Weird and silly? Yes. Effective? Definitely!!


Real talk here. I also despise brushing my teeth as one of the most excruciatingly boring things a person must do. I am super lucky that I have really good teeth, so the decade after I left home, when brushing was hit or miss, it didn’t completely ravage my mouth. I had one cavity, and I lost a couple of back teeth, but thankfully enough every other tooth in my head remained strong and healthy. I even had a dentist comment on it once, wondering aloud how I could have only ONE tooth rotting and the rest be fine. He suggested that it might be due to the dry mouth from the ADHD meds, which kept the bacteria confined to the one area. LOL.

Now? Well I brush every morning an night, and not because I like it or care about my teeth. It’s because I have a kid. He’s 4, and i want brushing to be a habit for him. So, we brush together. We have 2 of those little 2 min hourglass timers, and we “race” to see who can finish first. (Of course, he always starts his timer before I start mine, so guess who always wins?) Sometimes I make funny noises and faces at him while we brush. Sometimes we play music and dance while we brush. Sometimes, rarely, he just refuses, and I have to brush his teeth for him. I also compliment his shiny white teeth all the time, and praise him constantly for how well he takes care of them, and sometimes I show him my yellow stained teeth (Even after 3 years of brushing with whitening toothpaste, I can’t reverse that damage I guess) to show what happens if you don’t take care of your choppers.

So, TLDR. While i don’t advocate having a kid just to get better at brushing, It is totally what got me back into doing it. ROFL.


We struggle to get our kids to brush. I don’t find it as boring as much as I do annoying. I am lucky that I’m bothered if my teeth don’t feel relatively smooth to my tongue. That can produce extra brushing (vs. my usual once-per-day).

Flossing bugs me more. It is very boring and repetitive. Sometimes I get a nasty taste from my molars (especially if I haven’t flossed in a few days). That helps motivate me to know that it’s a good thing. According to my hygienist, not everyone gets a taste when their teeth needed flossing so I’m lucky.

Gonna be honest… I don’t get this. At all.
If I don’t brush my teeth, it feels like there is a film there all day or something. I forget to do it the second half of the day just cause I wasn’t raised to do it… but … yeah, I get all kinds of worked up if I don’t brush at least in the AM. 0.0

You really just need to brush once a day which is at night and then chew gum or use mouth wash in the mornings to rid yourself of that nasty morning breath. The purpose of brushing is to avoid cavities. You’re not brushing away cavity causing gunk in the morning so why are you stressing about demanding two brushes a day?

I actually brush my teeth in the shower when I shower at night. This way I can get a nice soak while enjoying the relaxing feeling I get after the day to day grind. It makes teeth brushing all more enjoyable compared to leaning over the sink hoping you don’t spray tooth paste particle and food residue onto the counters or mirror.

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I don’t mind brushing teeth or flossing because it has become an automatic action. While brushing I pay minimal attention to it and let my mind wander so I don’t get bored! Using a fennel tasting toothpaste also helps as it creates a pleasant association with brushing.

I hated it too. But ever since I got my electric toothbrush I finally have the markers for how long I’m supposed to brush. I hate the taste of the toothpaste, but there are great mouthwash with other taste today. I have combined the brushing with standing on one leg to improve my balance and make it harder and then I have added some other physiotherapy exercise tasks to get a good day to day strength in my hypermobile joints (I hated those exercises, now I can stand them).


I’m so glad I can be honest here and not feel like a slob :joy:

I also brush once a day, if I can manage that even. I haven’t found a way I can make it fun, other than trying to sing while I brush and laughing at how dumb it sounds to sing while you’re brushing your teeth. When I was a child, I was sent to the dental hygienist who taught me how to brush my teeth, and he taught me a rhyme to remember while I brush to make sure I got all the areas of my mouth. I don’t remember the words, but I remember the rhythm of it, so to this day I always brush my teeth to a particular rhythm.

I also chew loads of gum and mouthwash helps too.

The foot fidget somebody mentioned sounds like an excellent idea and I may have to try that.

I’m in the middle of diagnosis for ADHD (I’m a 29 year old woman). I’ve been following the youtube channel for a while and today decided to check out the forum. I click on and this is the first thing I see – I nearly burst into tears with the relief of seeing someone talking about this. I’ve found my people.

I just brush in the mornings usually because I find it so so boring its almost painful. I’ve had so many people look at me like I’m mad when I’ve said this before and now I have a space where its ok.

I also combine it with a shower when it makes sense to - often to give me something to do while I let my hair condition (another very boring task!). And I always have a podcast or audiobook playing while I do all this stuff.

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I just did it ! After 3 hours of struggling I brushed my teeth (at the speed of light) !

Yay :smiley:

I like brushing my teeth, always have. But I never just stand and do it, I’m usually walking around doing other things at the same time. Brushing my teeth while in the shower is not bad, because you can just make a mess and then rinse it off, lol…plus it’s warm in the shower and it’s an excuse to be in there longer… lol all this said though and I average 1.5x per day I think. Nothing spectacular! Super trying to get better at flossing though, that’s something that I really don’t enjoy!

@RachelK Hi! Welcome. I’m newly diagnosed (41 yo woman) also and just found this fantastic place. Isn’t it great?
Also, brushing teeth in the shower FTW!

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As a child I was having lots of years without brushing. I hope it will not be visible through my elderly life that I didn’t took care of my teeth. I wonder why the producers of toothpaste always ends up with spearmint taste? I mean lots of people are sensitive about textures and tastes so why not make a more diverse range of tastes and textures so that everyone can brush more easily. Maybe have a night taste that will not make you wide awake tasting of camomile tea?

I am not a fan of spearmint & prefer fennel but you can also find many flavors such as tea tree oil, fennel, cinnamon etc. Tea tree oil helps with abscesses & canker sores but there were reports it doesn’t remove plaque well so you have to be vigilant.

While growing up in India we used to us a freshly cut neem or acacia tree twig (6-8mm dia.). You chew one end until it turns into a soft brush, use it on your teeth and then at the end you split in length wise and scrape the newly created long sharp edge against your tongue to clean it. Chewing gives your gums a workout as well! The whole process can take a few minutes but you can walk around and do other things so no big deal.

As per this study and some others, miswak or neem chewing sticks work as well as regular toothbrushing and have anti-plaque efficacy that is as good as using chlorhexidine toothpaste. And chew sticks are completely recyclable. May be I ought to try them again!

To bring this back to the origin topic, deal with boring tasks by making them interesting by doing some research! Though you may end up spending hours more on the research because you can’t deal with two minutes of boredom. Nothing new there :slight_smile:

When it comes to brushing teeth, I never just sit there and brush my teeth. That’s too boring lol. Instead, I always blast music through my phone and just lip sync (sometimes sing) and pretend my toothbrush is a microphone. xD


I am PERPETUALLY listening to podcasts-- “auditory fidgets” aren’t often mentioned, but that’s definitely what they are for me (and conveniently hands-free!). I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed/cook/do chores/brush my teeth without them.

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So I saw this yesterday for the first time logging in and didn’t think I could relate but after this morning never mind lol. I will literally if I don’t have a you tube video playing while I’m dong my skincare/teeth will have music and even sometimes that get’s boring so I straighten up my bathroom, pet my dog, think about the day/my Intention, and by then it’s been about 2 minutes.
It’s the mundane things like that I have the absolute hardest time doing so will most often than not multi task or daydream.
So I guess dental hygiene is something that’s necessary and I’d encourage you to find something else to occupy your mind/body

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Me too… thats something I can’t miss… or I wont be able to get going. Lol. We are creatures of habits, still funny to read through. Lol

I use brushing my teeth as an opportunity to practice mindfulness. I try to make the brush passing over my teeth the only thing I focus on. It helps me focus and now I definitely brush better too.