Budgeting and bookkeeping


As probably most of you can relate to, staying on top of my finances isn’t something I’m very good at. (Mainly cause the thought of dealing with all that bores the living daylight out of me).

I keep on meaning to start an excel sheet with my income and outgoings etc but it just seems like too much work, and I’m not good with excel, and I don’t have the time or energy to familiarise myself with it more at this point, and so I just keep putting this whole money planning (life planning…) thing off constantly.

My current method is essentially working as much as possible, and trying to hold off on buying anything, until I get impulsive and splurge on something I don’t necessarily need.

So I was wondering if anyone had any good, easy to use, ideally free, bookkeeping apps/software/life hacks to make being in control of my finances easier?

Also, I’m a bit paranoid when it come to apps and information, not that I have anything really to hide, but I don’t want any apps and third parties having access to my financial details and selling that information to anyone, so even better if you know of any ”ethical” apps or such, that won’t spy on me :grin:

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:


I work for a non-profit that specifically works with people to help track their budget and increase their score. Alot of my clients like MINT personally its too busy for me. If you would like to review your budget on a weekly basis through a free webisite I recommend https://capitalgoodfund.org/en/coaching/financialcoaching althought it states there is a cost for the financial coaching program the information is completly free. If you sign up it doesnt mean that you will be paying anything if you are interested in the program just let us know.

As someone who forgets everything I like to have my bills mailed to me and place on my calendar when they are due and subtract that amount from my bi-weekly check ahead of time so I know how much I have to spend. I use my bullet journal as part of handling my finances its a very basic layout.
Month, Bill, Bill Due Date, amount, Date my check will come into my account, Paycheck amount,
I list what month we are in, write the bill and due date, amount of bill and paycheck amount.
Add my bills subtract my paycheck and I know for the next 2 weeks I have this amount of money to play with.
**If you are looking to save take your check multiply it by .10 and that’s the amount you can place into your savings account if you cant do the 10% go less but its a reasonable percentage with anyone that has a consistent paycheck.

I hope this helps. I am terrible at keeping up with APPS so paper is my way.

Please reply if this doesn’t make sense.


I use EveryDollar. It’s a budgeting program that is part of Dave Ramsey’s system. It’s free and easy to use. There is a pay version if you want it to automatically download from your checking account, but it sounds like you aren’t interested in that option.


I use Mint