Bujo Controlling Impulse buying

Is there anyone who uses a Bujo who has designed a collection to help them manage impulse buying, like an Impulse Buy Cooling Chamber type thing? I had the idea after my boyfriend and I sort-of impulse bought a ps4 at Costco a couple weeks ago, but I’m not sure how to actually implement it. My best idea so far is just a 2-column table with what I’m thinking about buying, and why I think I need to buy it, but I’m not entirely sure. I would love to hear about how you have yours laid out and what you found useful having on it and what wasn’t.

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I struggle with impulse buying too. The most helpful thing has been to take pictures of the things that feel Absolutely Necessary to Buy Right Now and I sort them into a folder called “But I Want It” on my phone. I still get things every now and then, but it’s really helped me take time to decide whether or not I really want something and has seriously reduced my impulse spending


I’ve been looking through these forums for tips that I could use too. I never thought of this one. That’s useful.

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I think if you just make a list of such things but don’t act on them right away, that’ll help. Since it is often the novelty that we crave, the familiarity of seeing something in the list again and again reduces the attraction! I do a variation of this, where I may put an item I want in the Amazon (or any other company’s) “cart” and let it stay there for a while. The longer something stays in the cart, the less I want it. If on the other hand I continue wanting something (even if I don’t need it) I switch the game to waiting for the lowest price for anything expensive (over $50)!

If you think about it, this is exactly the same strategy as pausing when you feel lilke blurting something out that you may regret! The pause gives us a chance to analyze our motivation or identify the underlying need.

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