BuJo Quirks?

I’ve been attempting to bullet journal on and off for about a year. A few weeks ago, I sat down and started to seriously set one up. I followed the tips on the official bullet journal website, adding and taking out things that didn’t work for me on my past attempts.

It felt like it was working for a few weeks, but now I feel like it’s hindering more than helping. I’m not sure if it’s one of the things I consider a personality quirk (or ADHD quirk?) or if this is a normal part of the process. What seems to be bothering me the most is that the pages are random instead of having a progression like ‘all trackers are in one spot’. There’s probably a simple fix for that, but so far I haven’t thought of it other than a disc/ring planner. I also feel like it’s holding me back but I don’t know if this is true or part of my struggle with trying to improve my executive function.


I’ve made 2 or 3 attempts to use a Bullet Journal, but was very inconsistent. I love the idea of it. I have not tried again since starting on my current medication, so I think that I could be more successful if I did try again.

I did have a thought about this statement:

When something comes to my attention (whether it’s thoughts or ideas, it’s something I need to do or follow up on, or whatever), I find it helps to write it down ASAP. Then, I can decide what to do with it.

  • If it’s something that needs doing right away (or that I can do right away, to get it off my list), then I’ll just do it. (This is how I get most things done… just do it while it has my attention.)
  • If it’s something to do at a specific time, I put it in my calendar (Microsoft Outlook if for work, Google Calendar if personal).
  • If it’s something for future reference, I file it in the appropriate place. - I’m relatively new in my job, so it’s taken me months to determine the “appropriate place” for where to file everything there. (I feel like at this point I need to make this a personal project at work.) - For personal notes, I use Google Keep, which let’s me assign categories to the note. (I think I’ve accumulated too many notes under too many categories, so when I have some vacation time, I ought to sit down and clean this up).

@SelinaM :
I’d encourage you not to give up, since you’ve developed a habit of Bullet Journaling. Try to look at it from the standpoint of how you intended to use it, how you started, and how you’re using it now. The BJ is completely personal and customizable, so from what I understand, there’s no way that’s completely right or wrong with using one.

BTW- did you know that the innovator of the Bullet Journal, Ryder Carroll, has ADHD?

late to this post but could you just put all the trackers in one spot? you could split the notebook into sections and add page flags.

alternately, if you just have two categories of things (e.g. calendar vs everything else), start the calendar pages at the front of the book and start everything else at the back of the book.

and of course the disc/ring binder solves this problem more elegantly. you could probably get a small binder at the dollar store even.

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Don’t worry about being late. Advice is appreciated whatever time it’s given.

I’m trying flags/different sections of the notebook with mixed results. Sometimes it works great. Then something comes up and I grab the notebook, open it to the section it’s flagged at and write notes. Then I sigh over everything being mixed up again.

Right now I’m teaching myself that doing this is okay. I can put the info in another section later. I’ve been using a three ring binder to keep the pages that I need to keep (notes from phone calls, things like that) and trying some basic organization in a notebook.

I keep debating the disc bound systems but I have the feeling that I’ll latch onto the pretty and it’ll become an art project instead of a tool. I am working with 3 ring binders, less pretty but I can make them more colorful as a working tool, and slowly getting toward a solution.

I found a student planner online that I downloaded and printed pages from. I’m shocked at how much more productive I’ve been on my writing goals. I got more done this week with clearly written down tasks than I have in the past year. O_O

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high fives for your productivity this week! that’s awesome.