Bullet Journal


Throwing myself into this. Started last werk. I Think it could be life changing for me.

Anyone else use them?


No but I want to start but it is hard. SO HARD


I just re-started last month. I’ve been using one for work, but I got a little sloppy with it and was only including work stuff, so I wanted to go back to basics basically and try to be a little more on-top of it and combine work and “home” stuff in one place. So far so good, but it’s only been a couple weeks.

I definitely found even the “sloppy” version I was doing was helpful for staying on-task with work stuff, and also tracking what I’d worked on over time.

One change I’ve made from the “standard” format already (and I did this before), is that I have weekly logs instead of daily logs. My tasks are rarely constrained to one day, and I often think of things I want to do that week but won’t be able to do that day, so doing weekly instead of daily works better. Still figuring out the best layout for that, but I’ll probably go with a two-page spread with events on one side and to-dos on the other.

Just as an FYI, I found some journals at Michaels (a craft store in the US and maybe Canada) that has graph/dot notebooks with an index in the front and 249 pages, for $5. I had been getting ones with like 80 pages for $8 on Amazon, so this was a good find. :smiley: And they come in a bunch of different colors.


I started using it last year. I’ve always kept a journal, but not as an organizational tool, and I’ve never found an organizational tool that’s worked for me, apart from using Google Calendar with email reminders. I was skeptical of bullet journaling until watching Jessica’s videos and Rider’s intro video for it, so I started using it with the very bare bones of Index, Key, Future Log, and Monthly Log. I’ve added and tweaked some things, including using pages for random thoughts, work notes, reading and viewing lists, but overall I keep it pretty simple. It’s become a very useful and fun tool for me.


I’m ~a week into using mine, and I’m in love so far. I think knowing that a person with ADHD developed it makes me feel like it’s “friends helping friends”, and not like I’m being lowkey judged by the calendar company. I will be adding pictures of the index to Evernote when I finish this notebook… My notebooks are six boxes of a chronological paper monster, and this is the first time I’ve considered an indexxxxx :pirate_flag:

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BuJo. Love the name. :slight_smile:

Just learned about Bullet Journals. I keep several to-do-list type systems going, and am very technology-oriented on SOME things, but I also value the hand-to-paper contact on OTHER things, so I’m thinking about trying to Bullet Journal. Then again I’m thinking I like the NEWNESS of it and am presently probably HYPER-FOCUSING on it, more than I might actually like DOING it over the long haul. Not sure. I have done the rewrite-a-task thing (what you are supposed to do at migration time) in a manner that has similar motivations to the BuJo method (having to re-write it in order to move it from one list to the next, f.e. monthly, list, means having to reconsider the level of priority of the task, thus FORCING a type of prioritizing that otherwise cut-and-paste could neglect) – that was just something I naturally thought up myself, not sure I knew why I liked it. I don’t like the idea of having to have everything in such a singular place, I worry about losing it or forgetting to bring it with me to a meeting, or someone stealing it. But I may use the premise to start a “commonplace book” of things I want to write down to keep but (previously) would lose or never refer back to again. Maybe it’s going to be my stuff-from-the-past (things I want to remember) book rather than what most people’s BuJos are, stuff-in-the-future (things I want to do) book.