Busy schedules and productivity. Tips?

Hey y’all!

Since I finally have work and am gonna do more in terms of music, my schedules will become more hectic now. I used to have nice and calm days but they’re over. So that means that all the productivity at home will certainly drop. I have told myself already that I will take meds for the times that I’m at home and need to be productive. That way I am already a bit more productive.

Do y’all have any tips on how to become even more productive. I’m gonna be very mad at myself if I’m gonna slack off. I felt it this week already. So I need to take it up a notch now. Who has tips?


For me, I’d say that scheduling things and sticking to routines are super helpful. I find that having consistency in my days makes it easier to be productive. I also try to do a lot of the mentally heavy work earlier in the day when I’m still fresh, because by the afternoon and evening my medicine wears off and I’m also generally more mentally and emotionally fatigued.

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I totally concur that schedules and routines are helpful. BUT. Schedules and routines can also feel really boring and constraining and utterly maddening to the ADHD brain. I would say they’re 85% great and 15% hell. So cut yourself some slack if you find it difficult to follow them. Maybe build in some slack time as well as some obedient-following-the-routine-and-schedule time?


Jump in whenever you feel “stuck”!

I waste so much time . . . I have found that if I try not to think about tasks . . . But just start the old locomotive moving down the track . . . then my day tends to keep being productive. The initial inertia is my biggest obstacle to overcome . . . in order to accomplish things!

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Yeah the routine thing is definitely important. I had to explain that to my boyfriend today. All the cleaning and chores are devided on specific days every week and he didn’t understand that. I had to explain to him how that works for me. Now he understands it though. I’m happy about that.