Can diagnosed people list symptoms

I’m really trying to figure out whether I should get more help for ADHD and what Symptoms to share with adults. It would be wonderful if formally diagnosed people could just make a list of some, if not all of their symptoms. In detail. I already know the general symptoms I just want a bunch of examples. Thanks!

Edit: I often watch movies like StarTreck or listen to boring things in the radio. I end up getting like the wider picture but not all the details needed to understand the story. Because I zone out during them due to not understating the content. Maybe it’s just to complicated for me to understand? Idk I’m 13. Or could that be a symptom since it’s boring I subconsciously stop listening. Is that relatable?

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What are some of the symptoms that you have that make you wonder?

I think a complete list of symptoms is hard. Sometimes it can be helpful to look at the criteria for ADHD and start brainstorming a list of things that you think might fit you. There are also a lot of screening tools that you can find online that give you some sense of symptoms that people experience. Everyone’s ADHD is different. Are there specific things that you’re concerned about or wondering?

Yeah sorry, :hugs::woman_facepalming: That was silly of me to say to basically explain your life. I’ll come up with a more detailed thing of what I go through and just ask people to say things they relate to.

Or when I’m around others whom I feel comfortable around, I often say random words impulsively like guacamole or peanut sauce.:grin:. But seriously. And it’s not like Tourettes. (although I do have a seperate tic disorder but that’s different). Maybe I just say it for attention? But it’s really impulsive just like I get bored of what other people are saying and want to spice it up a bit. But I often get ridiculed like omg ur so annoying or other stuff. Yet I keep on with this impulsive talking. Especially around dinner time. Relatable?

Ok. So, in class I’m that weird kid that ALWAYS HAS THEIR FEET ON THEIR CHAR. Like 24/7. And at home. I been told to sit differently many times, but I always get the urge to put them back. And if I don’t put them up them I have to move them back and forth like like crazy to keep me comfortable. So I think that’s hyperactivity. Relatable?

Do any of the things you’ve mentioned get you into trouble at school or home? Do other people comment on the things you say or do? Do you find that your distraction affects other things?

I think there’s probably some things that are just “you” and that can always be tough to tease out. We do things that are quirky, odd, impulsive, or fun as part of who we are. The real challenge is when these things about us start to bump into things outside of ourselves.

Maybe make a list of things that you’re wondering about. It might be helpful to make a couple of columns such as: Things I’m curious about and Things I’m concerned about. Once you have a list together look it over and then see if it’s something that you might want to talk with a professional about. If you’re not already seeing a therapist, primary care doctor, or psychiatric prescriber, maybe seeing if your family would be willing to take you. I’ve made lists like this before when I go into meetings, appointments, or when I’m trying to make decisions. It helps me to see it on paper. And when I make the list more things usually come to mind that I hadn’t put into words before.

All in all it’s figuring out what’s important to you and what you’d like help with. If you’re happy being you and you aren’t feeling that things are getting in the way, awesome. But if there are things you’d like to address, making your list and talking to someone can be the first step in tackling them.