Can I have ADHD and not be the troublemaker?

I know this is probably a stupid question but It seems like most people with ADHD are the trigger maker and I just never was…ok maybe I was a bit but mostly I wasnt. I was always the quiet fidgety kid who had good grades but wasnt sure how. So can I even be ADHD-y (have adhd)?

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ADHDers don’t necessarily have to be trouble makers. While it’s common, it’s not a requirement. I wasn’t really a big deal when I was younger just kinda rowdy, but I suspect a lot of those with inattentive ADHD ( especially girls ) didn’t stir up problems because they weren’t externally hyperactive. Idk maybe someone else can chime in?


I agree. Adhd pi often gets missed because they’re not disturbing others. Adhd ph people are often seen as troublemakers.

In fact, this is another reason why I think my pi diagnosis should really have been a combi one.

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How would I figure out that I’m combined or inattentive? Because I am impulsive and I do get hyperactive and I almost always need to move but I dont know if I’m quite hyperactive

And thank you

I’ve never been a troublemaker. In fact I’ve always been something of a goody-goody. I’m not diagnosed yet, though, so I might not count.

While talking to friends & family about the possibility of having ADHD I found out that 4 people I know were diagnosed as adults and I don’t think they were troublemakers either.

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I asked this question, too when I was diagnosed and was told by my psychiatrist, that there are a lot of people with ADHD, that never caused trouble. It seems to be a mixture
of environment and other personality traits that influence, how much of a trouble maker you are/were.

I for example always hated conflicts and especially when I was younger I would do everything to avoid them, so it often was a very high priority for me to not do things that would get me in trouble.
Further, my family was always very active. So me doing hand stands or cartwheels or climbing up the door frames didn’t bother anyone at home.
I was also lucky, that when I was younger, school didn’t involve a lot of sitting without being allowed to move.

And then not all forms of hyperactivity are obvious.
I was always very talkative, constantly bubbling away while playing whatever game I had just come up with. But everyone was happy I could entertain myself so well without any involvement on their part.


Yeah that makes sense, my autism made it so I am unlikely to be a trouble maker because I dont see the point and I’m calmer then I otherwise would be. I’ve never really talked much since I could never make friends and I never ran around much unless I had a reason so maybe I’m just not hyperactive?

I have ADD and was considered to be a “Goody two shoes” in school. This is why a lot of people are quick to disbelieve some of us when we say we have ADHD, because not all of us are the stereotypical “troublemaker” type. In some cases our ADHD or ADD causes us to actually act the opposite, because of the rejection-sensitive nature of the disorder. Our teachers or parents get mad at us when we make trouble, so we don’t just to avoid the anger. Even if we know they probably won’t do a whole lot else about it.


Yeah that makes sense

I was never a trouble maker. I did occasionally have the odd outburst but only if it was an opportunity to make people laugh. It was always a funny comment or joke. Or in class i would blurt out answers before teachers finished asking the question Never aggressive or hyperactive .

I was always viewed as a nice kid with a slightly over developed sense of humour. I didn’t like conflict so i suppose my ADHDness always came out as positive outbursts.


I always thought outbursts were annoying and stupid so I never did them even if I had the urge to, unless it was an emotional outburst when I was overwhelmed

Lucky you🙄
I only realised my outbursts were inappropriate when it was too late. Mine were also meant to be funny and often did make people laugh. Depending on the teacher, that was not always appreciated.

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