Can this be considered impulsivety?

So I am emotionally impulsive (except for when it comes to big choices because my autism likes planning and my anxiety makes me get to anxious before doing something to important that’s impulsive) and I am in general impulsive when I feel safe (I talk a lot, change subjects a lot, say random stuff, etc) but I have issues with feeling safe due to trauma so I dont do that often. Does that mean I’m not impulsive?

(Also as a side note I am not self diagnosing, just seeing if it is worth pursuing a diagnosis. I am doing exactly what I did for me to figure out I had autism just with ADHD this time)

I’m no expert, but living with my autistic brother I’d say it could well be a symptom of your autism or a symptom of undiagnosed ADHD. I know that when my brother is in a safe space, he babbles on and on. Subject hopping, not listening to others, interrupting and so on. It’s not only a release because he’s safe, but it’s also anxiety as he doesn’t know when the safe sensation is going to end - if that makes sense. Sorry, it’s tricky to explain.
From my point of view as a person with ADHD, yes - its impulsivity. I go hyper without the anxiety happening first. In fact my hyperactivity often brings on the anxiety because I know I’m about to make an idiot of myself so I often babble away and then go totally silent as I clamp down with an iron fist on my self control. I’m often able to recognise it in myself but I’ve had years of practice to rein it in.
My advice would be to speak to a specialist ADHD clinician. I’m in the U.K. and we have adult ADHD clinics over here. Ok, they have two year waiting lists but it’s worth it. Getting a diagnosis for me was liberating. Not sure what the treatment options are where you are but I advise you to seek a specialist.
Good luck. :):hugs:


I’ll probably see the person who tested me for autism (they are an ADHD and autism diagnosing person). Thanks for answering (:

Also does he ramble on about a special interest or everything (special interest is basically a topic you always hyperfocus on) @Hanniemum77?

Not so much ramble as rant. My brother is quite political and has some very strong views about how the country should be run - not necessarily views I agree with. Get him going on that and it’s difficult to stop him or steer the conversation on to something else.
As a child he was relentless in chattering. He used to talk continuously, and would direct conversations, telling me and my other brother quite literally what to say and when while we were playing. He’d make all sorts of repetitive noises or repeat lines from made up songs over and over again. It used to drive me mad, and now I have children who sometimes show similar symptoms so I’m living it all over again - especially with my youngest. I’m a little more tolerant of it now as I have life experience and knowledge about autism and ADHD, so I get why they do it and how to manage it a little better.

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Ok thanks for the info