Can we start a zoom support group?

Hi everyone! I’m new here, and I’m so glad I found you all, my tribe.

For ages, I e been looking for, or looking to start (unsuccessfully, bc I have ADHD lol) A support group for us. Forums are great and all, but I have been ACHING to really connect with each other in this way. Please, can anyone who is interested respond to this? We can just set up an informal Zoom and I am happy to lead it if that’s what the situation calls for… actually I’d be thrilled bc I think it could be life changing for us to be able to talk to & support each other “face to face” in real time. It would make me feel so much less alone. I have friends who have found similar groups life saving (Alcoholics Anonymous, Codependents Anonymous, etc). But we do not have a group like this. Please, if anyone is interested, please respond to this post… and if you think there would be a better place to post this, by all means, let me know! I love you guys & want to meet you!!!


First of all I would like to welcome you to the community and say that I hope you enjoy it here! I’m happy you finally found this hidden treasure. Feel free to talk about anything!

As for the zoom idea. Is there some way that we can make this safer in any way?? I love your idea and personality want to talk to others. But me and I’m sure many others want to make sure there aren’t any ‘toxic people’ there…(this is the internet after all).

Here are some ideas…

Give a list of questions required to be answered before giving permission to said person.

Maybe try slowly starting into the zoom. Instead of heading straight to that maybe try discord…?

Even though every person I’ve read and met here is nice I still would like to heavily ask you take some sort of action to insure no…sin is seen.

But thank you for joining us! I hope we can be good friends here. Stay safe. :3


I find the idea intriguing and would give serious consideration to participating in a zoom support group. I certainly have a lot of questions but I’d like to hear more about how it could work given logistical challenges, privacy concerns and hacking potential, etc. So I will stay tuned!

btw: Welcome to the “tribe” . . .



It is getting late, so I’ll try to keep this brief.

I like the idea, but there are some logistical challenges. How do we “advertise” such a group while not making it completely public. What kind of rules of discourse do we set up? What anonymity do we allow people? What do we want to talk about?

I know that there are in-person peer groups (or at least there were pre-covid). I could ask my ADHD doctor how she has seen them work.

Regarding privacy, I spent a couple years reviewing products for privacy at a high tech internet company. One strong recommendation I would make is that the sessions are not recorded. Zoom is actually pretty good about this, requiring consent from participants first. But anyone with a cell phone camera could bypass that by aiming it at their screen.

That’s all I have time for right now. I look forward to hearing others’ thoughts.

– John


I do like the idea of a Discord. And it would allow people to then begin to form relationships and maybe form smaller Zoom groups before going into a larger support group.

The other thing I’d say is that support groups often need facilitation and group guidelines. So we’d want to consider how that would take shape. That could be defined at some point.

I definitely agree in the feeling for the need for connection. Sometimes the forums just aren’t enough.


I certainly agree. Unfortunately, as shown by many newsworthy stories, while technology is “neutral” so to speak, many people are not! That is why, aside from forums like this, especially this one :+1:, I stay clear of all manner of social networking apps. That having been said, I will stay tuned to hear more about what my be possible. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”!

And “Thank You All” for making this experience as pleasurable and supportive as it has been from the get-go. :+1::sunglasses:


I would love to have a zoom session, to meet ADHDers all around the world !


Manners first, welcome Jenny!

Funny you should mention Ages I think humanity has been grappling with the quandary of we Dionysians for longer than since the 1980’s []

@Brooklyn, like I said in the other post perhaps a fireside chat with a handful of elders that have had to live with being on team Dionysis, might at the very least be cathartic and at the best make the world just a little bit better.

Let us know I’m in, but I warn you: I can talk a leg off a chair; underwater.


I’m in! But there is a question I have besides the privacy matters, too: When will it be hold (is this the right pronounciation? - I don’t know, english is not my first language)? Because the timezones can be a bit tricky. I live in germany and I know that the timedifference between me and my friend from Kentucky is 7hours :sweat_smile:


Hello I would love to join that zoom group if it had been created. I am so excited that I will see other people who have ADD
Waiting for you to get mi in :slight_smile:


Welcome! Good to have you join us . . . :+1::sunglasses:

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Hey guys!! i love the zoom idea, i´ve been having a very hard time with my ADD since i don´t really know anyone who deals with it too, i kinda feel lonely and just having the chance to connect with ADDers makes me feel sooo excited, so let me know when everything is ready! i´m all in!




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I’d be interested :slight_smile:

I see a couple of people have mentioned discord, and I’d honestly prefer that. Because the asynchronous (but sometimes instant) conversation style suits me quite well. If I get distracted, I can read through what happened once I find my way back. There’s also the group call/microphone chats option there.

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i would be intrested in doing this cause why not it could be fun and we could help each other out with geting task done

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I’d be super down for a support group of some kind, for sure! I echo the need for group guidelines and someone who champions those to help keep us all safe. I use Discord and Slack a lot as is and so either works for me as a starting point :star_struck:

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Three points to add to the conversation here.
r/adhd has a discord channel. I havent visited it, but it may be work a shot.
I think if you are a Patreon of How to ADHD you get access to their Discord channel.
And lastly, I can set up a discord channel in a few hours and create roles, rules, etc. But I am NOT mod material. I don’t have the time or engagement. If the two channels mentioned are not what you are looking for and someone is willing to step up and be a mod or what not, I can walk them through starting the discord, adding me as admin to build it out, and then they can rock and roll with it. But maybe check the other two out and see if they meet the needs?


When do you want to do a zoom session. I live in the UK. It is 5 hours behind the East Coast of the USA.

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join us! :smiley:

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anyone want to join me 12:00 & 7pm New York time Thursday 10th September.

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