Can You Teach An Old Hat, New Tricks?

Well… Introducing myself to the community seems like as good a place to start as any, here.

Hi, brains. I’m a 43 year old man, with he/him pronouns.

I have been living the brain life for a long time. I was diagnosed at the age of 9, back in ~1987?? (I think…). Anywho… It was 3rd grade.

I’m your inattentive/dreamer type ADDer.

I was from the ritalin generation. I hated being medicated. I had to take my meds for 4 years, before I was allowed to stop. After that, I started self-medicating with coffee at about age 13, and that has been my main chemical tool for coping with this ADD life, ever since.

I wouldn’t say that I have been successful in the traditional American sense of the word. I don’t have a lot of money. Been living paycheck to paycheck, for the majority of my adult life. I battle depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and minor OCD, as well.

I have chosen a fairly non-standard career choice. I’m what’s known as a Rennie, not to be confused with a Carnie, but similar in some ways. I travel, live, and work on the Renaissance Festival circuit. I’m in a different place every couple/few months.

I owned a small rickshaw(man-powered taxi) business out here for 12 years.

I’ve sold all manner of things, from jewelry, to soap, to battle ready weapons, food, handmade paper, souvenirs, garden decorations and sculptures, essential oils and incense, and custom leather shoes.

I’ve also done production work for the shops as second jobs, being a woodworker, painter, chainmail weaver, and leatherworker.

I’ve even done handyman, repair, painting, and construction work. I am a professional event tent installer for one of the Florida festivals. I run a festival participant campground, as well.

Essentially, you can say that I am a man of many hats.

Though, I am not new to the “disorder”. I am not an expert. I haven’t kept up on the newest news, treatments, coping techniques, or drugs available, at all.

So, I am here to learn new tricks, develop better coping strategies, and connect with my people.

Hello, my tribe!



Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome . . .


Welcome to the forums!

Wow, and in thought that I had a varied career path!

  • Summer camp staff
  • Retail Sales
  • Computer Lab Assistant (at a community college)
  • back to: Retail Sales
  • Part-time Office Assistant (school Special Ed department) by day, and part-time stocking shelves at a big chain store by night
  • Math Tutor/Teaching Assistant
  • Correctional Guard [Definitely NOT the right career field for me!]
  • Retail Assistant Manager
  • Retail Sales (dropped down to part-time, to return to college)
  • Lead Tech Support Representative at a university Technology Help Desk [my all time favorite job, and I was very good at it]
  • (Information Technology “Generalist” - title and responsibilities changed at the whims of management; not fun)
  • Application Administrator (an Information Technology “Specialist” position; I am a System Administrator for a web-based service) – finally some respect and no longer living paycheck to paycheck…it took me until 45 years old to get to this point in my career!


reading your bio makes me think to ask how many ADDers would not call themselves ‘‘journey people’’ when it comes to work life?

I guess we’re all trying to have fun party on and be excellent to each other (well except for the odd slip up into weapon design involving a semiautomatic over-slung grenade launcher with electro-optic sight and ballistics calculator, I should have know better)



@ Life is a journey, for sure… I feel like brains end up with a much more varied path than neuro-typical folks, though. ALL the twists and turns!


Welcome @DoOrDoNot-OohShiny!!!



But you made it!

Grandma Moses was not a youngster when she finally made it in the art-world!!



Good point, Barry!