So I have severe ADHD (yee haw) and i’m really struggling in college right now. I just can’t seem to sit down and finish my essays productively. It’s really frustrating because i’m trying so hard but I’ve got nothing to show for it. I’ve spent the last four years working my ass off to go to a good school and get enough scholarships but i’m so burnt out life be hard man.


It could be a bit of burn out or “senioritis.” It can be hard to dig deep for motivation so late in the game when you’ve already put forth so much effort already and when we feel the stuff we’re working on is unimportant, dull, repetitive, or useless.

I’m guessing you’ve faced these problems before and tackled the demons of procrastination and difficulties with concentration. What were some of the things that you’ve done in the past that seemed to help get things done or get you going?

I don’t want to throw out a bunch of tips you’ve already heard or things that wouldn’t be helpful. I will say, in general, that getting started is usually the hardest part. If you can get going, even just a little, or one essay at a time, maybe things will get easier then. For me, I found that when I got into a motivation rut, I’d pick one specific essay (either the most interesting or the shortest) and start there. I’d plan to start with the opening paragraph or first two sections, and then usually take a break or finish depending on how I was feeling. Once I got one essay/paper down it was easier to move on to the next one. I also tried to arrange things by deadlines, though I would always wait until the night before the deadline to get the paper started and/or done.

Hang in there. Sounds like you’re near the end of a long process. You’ve done great work and hard work to get there. You can make the final push. :smiley:


m o o d

Same as quietlylost, I don’t want to give you the same tips you’ve heard before. But just know that it’s worth it!! You’ve worked really hard and even if you need a break or loooots of self care, you’ll make it end in the end :blush: we’re rooting for you :tada::tada::tada:


Sooooo, you’ve kind of started, but can’t quite pull everything together to make something to hand in?

I like both the comments above but I am going to risk telling you something you already know :wink:

For each essay/paper/whatever:

  1. Set a hard limit on how much more time you are allowed to ‘read around the subject’. Actually, you should probably cut in half the time you think you need for that (and if you’re anything like me you’ll go over it, so in the long run it comes down to the same thing :joy:).

  2. Check the word limit for the task. If you tend to write too much, take the smaller figure in the range (there’s usually a range, even if you have to work it out yourself from a +/- 10% notation). If you tend to struggle with writing enough, maybe take the higher figure (unless that’s too off-putting… I have no experience with writing too little, as anyone n here might guess :joy:).

Now look at the task instructions/title and work out roughly how many paragraphs or sections you need to cover it. Divide the total word limit by the number of sections and if it looks weird at this point, consider which sections should be made smaller or bigger. Or maybe you are trying to cram too much in, or have missed something important. Any adjustments need to still match the total figure.

  1. Whether you start on paper or in a word document is up to you, but make sure you set up a space for each section, with some kind of a heading or note of what you need to put in it, and the number of words.

  2. Pick the paragraph or section that is easiest to write and start there. Keep an eye on the word limit and try to stick to it as you go, or at least be aware that if you’re way under or over you’ll need to compensate it somewhere. It will save a lot of effort later when you’re even closer to the deadline.

Hope this helps! Good luck! and maybe even have fun, once you get going? :kissing_closed_eyes:


Hello @jaiden.martinez.
It seldom is about trying harder, it is more about handling things smarter. I hope, you don’t expect from yourself to write a perfect paper magically. Its a good way for getting overwhelmed, paralyzed, choosing to procrastinate and such.

Normally you should have got a paper (outline) informing about set requirements. Normally you should have the chance to ask your teacher or professor for further advice. An every overlooked opportunity. Normally you have the chance asking at the students office about assisting courses like writing workshops and such. My peers are known in the office for not asking for help, they rather complain afterwards. Not a very smart strategy.

I practice externalizing information and thoughts. Therefor I have taped paper onto the door of my wardrobe with masking tape. Post its hold better and can be rearranged multiple times till I am happy with an rough draft construct. That’s a possible way to get things orderly started. And can be fun. You could even tape pictures or sketches onto the mix. Having an birds eye onto your subject in matter. Using colors in a connecting or distinguishing way. Providing structure or meaning.

Another technique is of course dividing the scary big task into manageable chunks. Its like climbing a mountain. To just focus on the top seemingly out of reach, starring at it, won’t get you there. A mountain is climbed by one step after the other. So doing less in one breath, is achieving more in whole. Concentrate at one thing at a time or all gets started nothing finished. Prioritize.

Rewarding yourself for finished steps can be a very good motivation boost, giving you confidence in yourself and letting you feel happy and on top of things. The first steps don’t have to be a perfect masterpiece. First make it functioning than make it pretty, my motto. The polish come at last.

Good nutrition, sleep and smart little breaks are ingredients, which can better the result and shorten your time spent on tasks in whole. If your head gets overloaded, the best medicine is a walk between lots and lots of plants like in parks and forests. You might experience rush of thoughts first, but an hour spend can calm your mind to peacefully. Stress vanishes. Most people don’t know about the human plant symbiosis.

:blush: Yeah I have studied studying / learning.
My thoughts are with you.


Dude I get it I am in college too and the paper burnout is hitting me so hard but you take it one day at a time. Also one of my professors said this I can agree with it what ever amount of time you put into that paper and do something else then come back to the paper its less time you have to work on it