Can't remember names and faces. (Just me?)

So when I worked in retail, I would often help a customer take a quick walk around the store and come back looking at the customer and wonder if I had already spoken to them.

In my current role I have to go to conferences and people will come up to say hi to me. They remember me from before and I may as well be meeting a stranger. That said if I can be triggered on an event I can remember. “We spoke about X”, or “You helped me with Y”.

I’ve learned many ways to ‘fake’ it and go along until I get something that triggers me on who this person is; or sometimes just avoid using their name because I can’t remember it. Other times I go through entire conversations with the person thinking I remember who they are when I don’t. It’s a reactive coping mechanism.

I just wonder… am I alone in this? Can anybody relate?


Nope! Definitely not alone :yum: I once spent a day and a half wondering why a person from camp looked familiar, only to realize I knew them…from camp :sweat_smile:
I try to pinpoint something about that to a specific situation. For example, this person stands a certain way, and we are talking about dinosaurs. Next time I see them, I know strange posture=dinosaurs=person. Idk if that makes sense but yah!

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Yep I’m so bad with that too. One time I saw a lady I knew from work out in a store and she was like hi how are you and I completely didn’t know who she was without her safety glasses or lab coat on.

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Yup, me too! Very embarrassing as I don’t even recognise my next door neighbours in the ‘wrong’ place.


Yeap happens to me to

Yes, context is everything, if they aren’t where they usually are highly increased odds of an awkward situation.


I remember people by their postures, the way they move, the way they talk, dress, their hairdo, their smiles, the context.

Faces come last. If at all.

Also, I can totally forget names even of people I’m in touch with regularly.

I do remember the birthday of a grade school buddy, though, by which he was really impressed when we met 18 years after graduation (and probably about 25 years after I’d last been to his birthday party).