Chosing A MaJor !!!


I was diagnosed in my childhood with Add. no hyperactivity , but everything else. I hated schoo,l and always found it hard to focus. Often times distracted ,and got bored quickly. I have quit many times in my adult life, when it came to jobs . It’s like my brain was stuck ,or something. So I avoided jobs that exposed my weaknesses. I have been teased, and talked about by co-workers and customers. It’s like I couldn’t get my brain to function properly , when i needed it to. Now, I have two Children that depend on me completely. I have managed to put fear behind me for their sakes, and hold a job. I just recently lost my job 3 days prior to Christmas. I procrastinate a lot , and rarely finish anything I start. The problem; I’m in debt with a technical college because I started classes and didnt finish. I’m now on academic probation, they are holding my transcripts and i cannot receive any Aid. I have never finished any degree program that I started. I have started a psychology major program at another college, but they dont have distance learning. So until I pay the tech college back I cant attend anywhere or receive aid. This has been a pattern every since I graduated in 2011 from high school. I plan on paying back the balance at tax time, but once I start. I dont know whether I should finish my psychology degree or find something else. Honestly i just want a secure job, doing something that doesn’t make me miserable. I am not currently seeing a doctor , haven’t seen one since I was 10. So haven’t seen one in 15 years. Scheduled an appointment on Feb 23. Hopefully he can help. Any major suggestions, for jobs with little responsibility. Sometimes I feel like the less I’m responsible for , the less mistakes I will make. Or trouble caused. Suggestions on majors, also what to expect with this doctor visit.


I know some of your angst.

I chose my major wrong, gave it about 4 minutes of consideration, like this: Want a great money job so I can retire early and do what I want with the rest of my life, so the options are Pre Med or Pre Law. Doctoring is messy and 24/7 when doing ER type stuff. Okay Law. And then bumbled around the next 14 years “going to be a lawyer” and finally eeked out the degees. But have absolutely zero interest in pursuing that. I passed half the bar, and never retook it. I could but that’d be starting over and low rung in a business I don’t care to pursue-regardless of the pay.

So I give two bits (worth) of advice on career: If everybody is expecting it, and somebody is paying for it, go ahead and get a 4 year degree or at least start on it. BUT WHEN you hit on the THING you can do forever (regardless of pay) then that’s the thing to do. You may have to develop it into a paying gig in order to live, but if it’s the RIGHT thing, it should keep you engaged. WARNING, self-employment is a nightmare upon itself. HALF or more of your working time will be sorting out all the supply and distribution and bookkeeping and taxes and liabilities of such. Folks can be hired for all of that, but there goes your profits–so it’s a series of compromises. Everything really is.

One of the career counselors I agree with most (although I’m no “success” just yet) says to figure out a way to do what you would do if you had no financial reason to work.

Problem-solving, outside of the box thinking, alternatives unconsidered- are the things I could do for a company or biz if employed to do so. But most employers want workers not thinkers. If you’re going to work for folks, try to find some that reward thinkers–if you’re wired like I am. Smoldering in no-advancement “day job” whilst you dream of your dream sucks on one hand (but it brings home a check) but it shines in the fact that you’re thinking of what you SHOULD be doing.

Might not get it right the first time or two or three. But you should be used to that by now.

Education tends to be overrated in my estimation. Schools are businesses you know-and they makes the money regardless of what their graduates do.

Hope you can find some wisdom in there to help you along. No I must get back to my schedule.


ps avoid debt for everything but a home-and don’t overextend there. And life will be better.


The thing I hate about this advice when I’ve received it is, that’s just so vague. If I no financial reason to worry I would travel to all the places, I would agitate and get politically active, I would read books, play video and board games, and take classes to learn about everything that interests me. I mean everything. Auto repair, pottery, neuroscience, rocketry, plumbing, construction, crafts, coding, beekeeping, etc. I have no clue how that could translate into a source of paying work. So I do taxes.


Yes it’s simple, but not easy, as are lots of things.

Here’s a run at some of the possibilities from what you just put down above: There are hordes of folks making a living in the travel industry. Just as there are big numbers of folks being paid to agitate and be politically active. Critics and other read books for a living. Games have to be written/developed by someone, and tested/etc. and so on.

I’m 20 years behind on what I thought I wanted to do, but now I’m dead set on it and am moving in the right direction albeit still slower than I’d like (but for good reasons-ADHD willie-nillie only a small part). And as long as I feel like I’m on the right path, and going to gain some ground soon, I’m okay. I suppose having less than “forever” left to get all the stuff done I wanted to do helps my focus. But this is your thread not mine. Good luck–also note that there are lots and lots of folks holding down jobs they like with degrees from different paths.