Clarification of the Zoom meeting discussion

Hi all,

I closed the other Zoom meeting topic for a reason.

I want to state that I am not against people creating their own communities or support groups.

However you may NOT use the How To ADHD brand name for any of these discussions or calls.

Anything pertaining to the How To ADHD brand will be closed or locked down. Using the name or the brand implies Jessica or the How To ADHD team are responsible and are actively moderating it.

We do not have the bandwidth to facilitate active moderation of Zoom calls or meetings. I know this is something people want and desire which is why I’m not denying people the right to make their own communities.

The use of the How To ADHD brand in any naming, passwords or organization is not permitted.


Makes perfect sense. Thank you all for all you have done so far.

I think people just see more of a need to connect with others particularly in the current covid times. No reason to tie any such venue to “howtoadhd” in any way.

I can help out with partial moderation duties for any new discord group. Or here for that matter, if it helps.


Hey Scot,
Really sorry if I stirred up the nest too much. I was trying to be clear that there was no connection involved and basically poorly said what you said here pretty well. I apologize if it came out wrong. I hope you know that we appreciate all you are doing.
If my budget allowed me to join the patreon and official discord etc, I would. Right now I am a bit worried we cut it too close and I may have to choose between my meds and late fees on bills. Just the world we are in right now.
Thanks again.

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Take care of yourself first and foremost and you didn’t stir up the nest. My responses come from months of wondering and feeling how can I do better or support the team better. Our ADHD nature is to want to help and give back to others but we often do something way too much. We’re getting better :slight_smile:


N… no… I don’t know what you speak off. At all. I’ve never burned out at work due to giving too much of myself and my personal time and stressing over not being enough or valuable enough or anything.


Ok. I’ll keep working on it just cause I can. Won’t show any affiliation (except in our hearts… All together now… “aawwwwwww…”) to you guys.

It’ll also help me not fall asleep while waiting for the testing to start.

Thanks again.


Are we able to post a Zoom/Discord link for a group such as, say “Random People Talking Random Crap”? I’d be proud to be a member of such an Elite Unit.

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Sorry, Scott, I hadn’t seen this thread yet. Thanks for everything you do! :kissing_closed_eyes:


It’s fine, we have to protect the How To ADHD brand.

Fraudulent representation of Zoom meetings that have “How To ADHD” when no official representative are inside them but are posted on the official How To ADHD forums are not allowed.


That’s fair, and also prudent.

Just to clarify…

Are we able to post links to external websites/chats/Discord/Zoom etc. if we avoid all reference to, or association with “HowToADHD”?

As a means of social interaction?

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Officially the rule is that no other Zoom or Discord’s are allowed to be posted on forums or our Discord. And it was because of my mistake and assumption that caused some problems.

To answer your question more deeply, let’s take a step back and know what How To ADHD officially supports.

If you donate to the Patreon, you have access to the Official How To ADHD Discord where we have regulated Moderators and people watching over the community.

You donate $1 to Jessica’s cause once, you always have access to this Discord Server and the moderators & community will always be there to support you even if you choose to not donate any money ever again. This is in the realm of the community managers and leaders where they volunteer their time to help anyone on Discord.

The How To ADHD Public Forums (this forum) are officially a place where if you cannot donate money, you can interact with fellow fans of the channel. Jessica always tells people if you cannot donate any money, you can still interact with fellow fans and people with ADHD on here. The forums do not allow private messaging from person to person however.

The Rules on the Official How To ADHD Discord for Zoom and other Discords is that they are allowed, but only through private messaging. I personally forgot that last part and assumed that it was ok to have Zoom meetings and Discords are allowed but in reality they are not allowed.

The reality is that How To ADHD is going through growing pains.

We want to support our community by allowing people to talk and work together. But that means more moderation and community overwatch and policies need to be put into place. We don’t want to turn into a place like Facebook where dis-information happens, or allow Zoom meetings that have “How To ADHD” plastered all over them that could be promoting some bad information or create an incident that comes back and hurts Jessica.

Lastly, only a few people are actually paid for their time within How To ADHD and that’s mainly on the video production side where Jessica is able to keep a schedule of shooting videos, making sure they are factually accurate, working with editors and continue giving you the YouTube content you all love.

I’m purely a volunteer, community managers are volunteers, all moderators are volunteers… All this to help Jessica. Even if people actively volunteer more of their time, we don’t have a place for them because we don’t have a system to verify they are who we thought they were or something to do that is pulling in the same direction of the brand.

We’re working on this, things have improved so much the last month internally. And we will do better.


Thanks for taking the time to explain Scot.

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I forgot to mention but I would like to state that we’ve have given out warnings to Aladdin multiple times on the official How To ADHD Discord.

They were given two different warnings not to post Zoom meetings on the Discord.

The 3rd time, we had to take action.

They did not stop and start posting Zoom meetings here on the forums.

Because of our limited time and reach to moderate the forums, these meetings never got picked up by our community leads or me because we have many other things we have on our plate, I had fires and smoke surrounding me and my family the past few weeks and plenty of workplace changes I’m dealing with.

This person has been given a suspension on the forums and Discord. We stated the rules of “No Zoom meetings” through the Discord and they have broken that multiple times, close to 5 times when you combine the forums & discord and still has not stopped.

So if anyone is posting Zoom meetings, if by they made another forum account or get on another Discord stating “This is a How To ADHD Zoom call” please report them and I’ll try my best to remove them on the forums.

Thank you.


Sorry you are struggling financially . . .

QUAKERS have an expression to “Hold [someone] in the Light” . . . not exactly praying . . . but consistent with Quaker practice and belief.

So I will hold you in the Light!


Are you still awake at 4 a.m.? :rofl:


Will “Hold you and your family in the Light” [QUAKER-speak]!


Ah. Thank you for the clarity! This answers a lot of hte lingering concerns I had, and I am happy to have them addressed before I do an oopsie. Also, I was not aware of the “one and done” for the Discord/Patreon connection, so that is good to know.


Thank you!
In many mixed-belief groups I am in my wife and I will ask for or offer “Prayers and/or good vibes as acceptable”. That tends to cover most of the bases and gets the point across that hey, your belief system is yours, so however you approach emotional or spiritual support of someone, we’d like to be on the list" or whatever. :smiley:
I’ll have to file this one away, I’ve not heard it before!


Very much appreciate the thought and time and energy you’ve extended, and all others in a supporting community! Thank you very very much for being explicit!!


I’m sorry for the part I played in this. I completely forgot that this was part of the rules. :frowning: Thank you for clarifying.


Rules + ADHD = recipe for disaster sometimes! :wink: