Clumsiness did it again!

Okay so since most people here are clumbsy y’all can relate. I one again injured myself by bumping my ankle at the corner of my bed. Usually if I bump myself it hurts for like 5 minutes and then I’m fine. But this one just keeps hurting so I’m now sitting on the couch with an ice pack against my ankle :rofl::rofl:

I was simply getting ready to get into the shower. Oh how we love the clumsy life :rofl::rofl:


Hope it gets better Bubbles :slight_smile:

Couple of days ago i dropped a plastic dish when i was taking another one out of the overhead cabinet. I tried to catch it, and succeeded at this. Problem was i did it with a hand that previously hold the cabinet door up, and the door slammed my other arm pretty hard.
I survived, but is was laughable. And painful. And laughable :slight_smile:


Sometimes I worry that I told a story before but I know you all will forgive me.

One thing to remember. If you hurt yourself in a boring way lie. If you have friends and family like mine they ask you if you will survive then laugh at you. The story has to be exciting and so way out that they know it is not the truth.

(Not true because I hate heights).
I was bungee jumping and the rope slipped and I have a third degree sprain. I have a brace and crunches. It took hours in the emergency room because of the motorcycle races.

(Truth because I hardly can walk and chew gum at the same time.). I was walking my friends small dog, stepped on a rock and I have a third degree sprain. I had to be on crutches for three months. The rest was true.

So keep safe everyone.


I think it is a combination of dyspraxia and ADHD.

I was in the shower , my father me nervous. I slipped , hurt my arm. I was distracted/ not paying attention and clumsy .

@Bubbles17 hope your ankle gets better !


I also do not have depth perception. Everyone be careful. I always thought that I should be a safety inspector. If I could move around an area without getting hurt the place was safe.

Maybe there should be ADHD insurance. I think I should stop posting I am getting silly.

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The ADHD insurance isn’t a bad idea actually. How many stupid injuries have I had in the past. Good example: a concussion because I was running late to be home as a child :rofl::rofl:
I was hurrying to get off the ice rank and as a result I smashed into the ice head first :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Or like recently, bumping the same small toe on the same thing twice in a row. You would’ve thought I’d learn something from that first bump. Apparently not :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well at least we can all laugh about it now. I mean I’ve done some things that I don’t know how I did and I’m the only one who could’ve gotten that done. Nonetheless, the injuries are real :rofl::rofl:

My ankle is okay by the way. It’s just a little bruised from the bump, but because I hit the bed right on my bone it obviously hurts a crap ton. Usually if I bump myself the pain lasts like 5 minutes and it’s gone. But in this situation the pain didn’t wanna go so I decided to ice it. And for the better cause after icing it it didn’t really hurt that much anymore, only when you put pressure on it. I can still laugh about it though :rofl::rofl::rofl:


When I was in 7th or 8th grade, probably the most physically awkward time in my youth (because I was tall and skinny for my age): a few guys kept randomly trying to trip me as I walked by them on multiple occasions; they never succeeded, but I clearly remember one time they tried, and I barely stumbled…only to get another ten steps or so before I tripped over… nothing. There was nothing there to trip over, not even a crack in the sidewalk. (I managed to stay on my feet, but was embarrassed for a while afterwards.)

Until my mid 30s, I would regularly trip over very small things, like a barely-raised crack in the sidewalk, or a tiny rock that was barely more than a grain of sand, or the thousand and one times that one for tripped over the other.

Plus all the times I’d bump my head, hit my funny bone, drop what I was holding, stub my toe, bang my shin, slam a finger in a door or drawer, etc. I’m not super clumsy, but I’ve done a lot of clumsy things in my life.

Over time, I’ve gotten better at controlling my body, so that these things occur less and less, so I must be doing something right.


I remember being really clumsy when i was a teenager. Even my dad joked that i shouldn’t learn to be a turner, because that way i was surely going to live without an arm or two. Proved him wrong, as i worked as one for a year.
Somehow this clumsiness almost completely went away now. Don’t really know why or how. There are still some micromanagement mistakes, like forgetting i hold a cabinet door, but overall i’m rather agile. Mover experience helps, i guess.


I never trip but I just twist my ankle. Sometimes over absolutely nothing. But then I’m also hypermobile so my ankles are way too flexible. Recently in the forest I managed to do it too, once again, over nothing. Good thing I can laugh about it :rofl::rofl:


Guys teenagers in growing so fast it is hard for anyone to be graceful. I am way out of my teen years but still am uncoordinated. Humor is very important. I no longer am embarrassed to trip over my own feet. I have tripped in front of teenagers in my classroom. Once you do that you just have to laugh at yourself. Some days the earth spins a bit too fast for me. I gave up and thought hay this is really funny. When I fall down I do not usually get hurt to badly.