college and adhd.

i struggle with college because of my adhd, i want to drop out, but i am not very talented at anything nor have i worked in my life, so i am doomed to this life.

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My son struggled throughout college. He dropped out of two colleges and then finished up at the third. It took him seven years. Because he was afraid of failing he studied so hard until his “brain hurt”. Two things got in his way. First, he stopped taking his stimulant medication right after graduating high school. Second, until he got to the third college he really didn’t know why he was in college at all. Once he figured out what he wanted to study, computer engineering, because he was excited about the subject and had a vision of what could follow . . . then he succeeded. As with many people with ADHD he had low self-esteem and lacked confidence in his abilities. He thought he was “stupid”. Right after graduating high school he decided he was not “college material” and applied to a vocational program to become an auto tech. After all was said and done he graduated from an engineering school with honors. He is an electrical engineer and married with two children (He struggled with dating and was pessimistic that he would ever find someone who would love him).

Obviously I do not know you and hesitate to give any advice. I thought though you might find some encouragement from my son’s story. btw, he is 42 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6.

I am 73 years old with ADHD and was not diagnosed until I was 53 or so. When I finally realized that I had ADHD my past struggles made sense.

So, keep in touch if you care to, stay connected to this forum, and associate with people who like you, accept you totally, and see you with a brighter future, even if you don’t.

Rooting for you❗️



If you’re struggling, I’d suggest going to speak with your academic adviser or someone in the student life office. They can usually help you navigate the options, and hopefully help identify some of what’s going on and how to get you help or accommodations.


I agree with @quietlylost . I am also in college and struggling also not very talented. Yes I have worked harder than I had to do before I came to college but this is the major point I tend to look at everyone who is at college does struggle in one way or another and that struggle may not be outwordly showing. All I can say is you got this and your not alone. Also I would recomend checking out this ADHD at university part of the forum as it seems to have some solutions but also shares the same struggles.