Communication to a child with ADHD

Do you feel children with ADHD need to be communicated to in a soft, diplomatic, detailed , compassionate empathy way ?

I feel my uncle and mother did not how to communicate with me ?
I have aspergers traits as well , but my issues with ADHD communication have been much more of a problem I think.

People with ADHD might have children with ADHD.


I deffinitly agree but as Jessica said in a video (no clue which one) she said you can be empathic but just set bounderies. I am going to stay on this topic becuase i want to know what others say.

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You’d have to be strict but nice. Boundaries are important and consistency is even more important. If something is a no, it’s a no and not a yes. But you shouldn’t be straight to the face and blunt about it. I think the key is being strict but also giving lots of compliments when the child is doing something right. We all know we need those compliments more than most people do, especially as children. I think it does good when you raise every child that way, but with ADHD kids it’s more important.

What I’ve also learned from supernanny (:joy:) is that it’s important to give the child space when it needs to. If you have a child that impulsively gets angry a lot, you should leave it alone when he or she asks for it. When they storm to their room, let them. Come back later to calmly talk about it when they have cooled down a bit. That way they can learn to think things through so that they can be less impulsive in the future.