Communication when taking ADHD medication

I come across better when taking ADHD medication, Concetra !

Has anyone else found that they cannot me across better when taking ADHD medication ?


I’m on 30 mg extended release adderall, and I feel I’m 10000% more calm and easier to talk to, my ideas flow so people feel less like I’m a lost cause of incomplete thoughts. I stutter less infrequently too. However, no one knows I take it. I can say communication has seemed less overwhelming, I love to talk but now I cN wait for others to share and it really helps.

I do wish, meds could help me let others know when they’re talking too much, I come across old friends and they’ll talk to me and I dont know how to say I’m on a deadline and need to go! Lol.


Wouldn’t that be great!

Some things we just need to do!

Try appealing to the other person to be understanding . . .

For example:

“Great talking with you, but I’m sure you don’t want me to miss my dental appointment [for example] . . . I gotta go . . . hope we can talk again soon . . .”

And then don’t wait for their answer . . . just turn and GO!

In any event, I can’t say anymore . . .

GOTTA GO! :joy:


When my doctor started me on Adderall (10mg, then 20mg a month later), the counselor who first diagnosed my ADHD could definitely tell at my next appointment with her. She said that I was speaking faster and more fluidly. She also observed that when I got off-track, I was able to bring myself back to the original topic of discussion.

I could feel the difference, too. My thoughts were not jumping around as much, my working memory improved noticeably, and I could maintain attention on a task at work (though it took some effort to do so, at least I had some control of that my brain was focusing on).

The most noticeable difference for me was that my sense of time, which is normally very elastic, was much more consistent. I think this was apparent to the people I was working with.

Altogether, Adderall wasn’t as effective as I hoped it would be, but it did help me.

I’ve been off of Adderall for a month now over my doctor’s concerns of tachycardia, and it’s hampering my work. I tracked my heart rate both on and off Adderall, and I didn’t see much (in any) difference… maybe 5 beats per minute on average higher at the most while on Adderall than without. I gave all my data to my doctor a week ago (I even made a nice chart), but he still hasn’t decided whether to continue the prescription or not.