Confused about vitamins!!!

So something has been nagging at me all day and I wanted to ask y’all about it… has anyone heard of a doctor suggesting vitamins for ADHD??? I went to see a neurologist and they suggested a multiple vitamin and a fish oil pill. To be clear, there was no prescription. the doctor simply told us it had helped other patients and why, then told us where we could buy it. I have two main concern:

  1. I’ve never heard of a doctor telling a person with ADHD to take vitamins. I know they can help some people but it’s mostly been mentioned by parent support groups. I’ve looked through the forum and it’s mostly been doesn’t-really-work. I also haven’t found anything similar to my experience.
  2. A slightly ( very ) paranoid but possibly legitimately concern is that the doctor may have an economic reason for leaning this way. The whole office was very nice and helpful so I’m not trying to say they’re purely after money. But I find it a tad suspicious they had a picture of the bottles on display in the examination room, plus the fact that all the info for specific types were on file.

Another thing is that they mentioned thyroid issues being a potential cause for my behavior…but we told them I’d been diagnosed before multiple times and the visit was mostly paperwork for accommodations/seeing if meds would be a good fit

I feel so confused :neutral_face: but I really want to make an informed decision!!! Does anyone know good resources for this kinda topic?

I’m not familiar with the process or the profession so honestly this could just be me freaking out, but any input would be greatly appreciated!! If you’ve been through something like this, take vitamins for your ADHD, or have visited a neurologist, please chime in. Thanks :sweat_smile:

I think that your concerns sound reasonable. This doctor seems to be a bit off the mark for evidence based medicine. Maybe they have been swayed by their patients anecdotal reports. It could also be about the money. That happens.

Thyroid issues /could/ be a factor, but it’s a simple test that (at least in my experience) is often included in routine bloodwork. It’s quite possible your thyroid function has been checked before. If not, it’s easy to do (And I see from your other post that the doctor ordered the blood tests. It’s probably a good idea to rule it out, even though the overall vibe from the doctor seems a bit odd).

What I’ve consistently heard from secondary sources is that vitamins are shown to help people with a deficiency in that vitamin and that for people with normal levels there isn’t very good evidence of a benefit from taking more.

I like to look on Google Scholar for topics like this. I did a quick search and first found some articles from journals that didn’t look super reputable. I also found various studies that compared micronutrient levels in children or adults with ADHD vs controls. Here’s one study that found lower levels of certain B vitamins, but suggests that one possible explanation is ADHD could lead to increased rates of nutritional deficiencies.

I’ve been seeing my GP for a bunch of mental health issues, and the only time I have been recommended vitamins is when my bloodwork was showing my B12 was on the lower end of the normal range. My GP made a recommendation about how much B12 to take, but said nothing about brand or where to buy them. She didn’t claim it could improve my mental health, either, just that it was a good idea for preventative/general health. This was before the ADHD conversations, but it hasn’t come up again. either.

If your eating habits are inconsistent, a multi-vitamin can be a convenient way to give you extra coverage in avoiding deficiencies (I take one), but any basic multivitamin will do.

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That basically summarizes the situation… not technically wrong, just peculiar
Thank you for the article, I’ll definitely check it out!!
My eating habits aren’t great so it’ll probably help in that sense. How does a multivitamin effect you? My friend says they sometimes feel tired or “off” if they forget but that’s all the info I have

It doesn’t affect me in any noticeable way, and I think that’s typical among the people I know

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Ahh ok. I can’t help but wonder how many people “feel healthier” because of the placebo effect…

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