I know a lot of us have been struggling to stay connected, so I figured we could chat on here! @Brooklyn mentioned it and I thought it was a good idea so I decided to start a thread :grin:
Guess I’ll start, hi everyone! How’s life been? Any new goals for home?
I’m trying to practice piano more :blush:


Thank you!!!



Hi hope everyone’s ok.


Been a long time . . . But I’m just “connecting” even if it seems silly and redundant! :roll_eyes:


How’ve you been? Anything exciting happening?

@lui how have you been? What’s life been like for you?

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All’s reasonably OK . . . if only we could ignore COVID! . . . But scientific and empathetic person that I am . . .

Not a political statement . . . :interrobang:

But then again . . . what isn’t these days?

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Ahh yes, I agree. Are you in the US? It’s been very tense, especially w/ elections

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Wow, you posted to me 5 h ago and I’ve just logged in for the first time in ages … thanks for thinking of me :slight_smile: I’m gonna call it synchronicity.

Life has been … interesting … as always. Kids are growing, so is the garden, and work is going ok. We’re in a commissioning phase for a lot of the things I’m working on so I have been trying to focus on that (hee hee) and taking @Brooklyn’s advice to put my family’s and work needs first and foremost.

‘Can’t be saving the world if I can’t save myself’, I just don’t want to be that kind of hero, although I don’t think how most hero stories go.

Learning that one of my quirks even as an engineer, is that I seem to work better with an audience, so one thing that seems to make me feel better is moving from place to place and showing/telling people what I’m doing; even the cleaners. One said cleaner described my current work back to me as making ice while the sun shines which is kinda right but more importantly; really cool.

I really have to go now. It’s spring time here so I’ll leave you with a picture from our kitchen window, I’m taking credit for the layout although my wife is the one that keeps the plants alive with regular watering, planting out at the right times etc.

Nearly left without the courtesy of asking how things are with you? Hope all is well and I expect to return soonish … I see that there’s a new post in the future of the forum page and I’ll check that on my way out.

Party on dudes; and be excellent to each other!
More importantly, be excellent to yourselves first.


YES & YES :sunglasses:


At least it’s not boring :wink:
how many kids do you have? Are they in school? I’ve heard a lot of people have started homeschooling since the pandemic
Wow your garden looks great! Is that turnips and kale on the right?

Huh, that is cool!

I’ve been well, I’m starting to have a consistent schedule which is nice. We’re undergoing some renovations but thankfully it’s pretty quiet. I’ve been more appreciative of alone time outside, nothing quite beats the morning air :grin:

@Brooklyn ahh I will follow to age-old saying and avoid asking about your politics… It never does one well to ask what is gover-meant to be done :joy:

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two kids:

This bit edited because … In retrospect I felt I should.

Good to hear all of this, yeah the consistent schedule thing is part of my 90 day challenge, I am supposed to be working on my Most important task (MIT) right now … but being here is making me feel good … so I’m just going to embrace it, do my best, and then bid you all fare-well till our paths cross again.

Stay safe as can be and more importantly, thanks for being here.