Creating shelves for storage and cats!


I’ve been very productive today and yesterday!

My boyfriend started a project to make shelves for in our pantry and in the kitchen for storage. And to give the cats more ground and height we also wanted to make some for them with fun textures and such and toys and all that. But he only made one shelf and basically stopped (which he often does)

I was fed up so yesterday I decided to take matters in my hands and start up again. We’ve gotten very far. I hope my boyfriend will help me tomorrow so we can assemble all the things and hang them up. I’m almost done with making everything the right length. I wanted to finish today but my mind and body told me I couldn’t. I was getting real grumpy, meaning real tired so I had to stop sadly. But that’s okay. I worked from like 1 pm to 9 pm almost non stop. And I’m used to barely doing a thing during the day these days. So, I’m low key proud of myself. Yesterday I went from 12 pm till 10 pm. Even longer :joy::joy::joy:. I must say I had a 2 hour break in between cause I fell asleep somewhere in the middle. That’s how tired I was. But yeah, tomorrow I hope will be the last day and then we’re done. I did already put one thing in the house: the cover for the radiator so the cats can walk there. Even if it doesn’t look like much, putting 3 wooden planks together and decorating them with mats and fabric for them to scratch on (I have horizontal scratchers) but it took me a bit chunk of the day to get it done. I’m not the fastest and im also not the best with building things either. So, for my doing, it was a big accomplishment. Here’s some pics:

The box is their toy box and at the arm of the couch we have a floofy bed for them to sleep on and watch some much needed “cat tv” (watching birds from the window).

I’m excited to get the rest done tomorrow and I might say I’m really proud of myself if I can get it all done. Yaaay :tada::tada::tada:

(I’ll update pixtures when everything is done)


Well I’m finally done!

I worked on everything the whole entire weekend from morning to night and yesterday and last Sunday we hung (almost) everything up and my friend came over yesterday to help clean up the mess everything made. Now I’m exhausted so I need my rest, but I’m proud of what I accomplished.

These things we hung up last Sunday:

They’re some shelves for the kitchen so we can store some kitchen gear more efficiently. My boyfriend made this one. The 3 shelves you’re directly looking at in the pantry I made. My boyfriend hung them up. The one on the left my boyfriend had made a whole ago already. Everything was so messy in the pantry cause there was nowhere to put it. Now we have shelves and it’s a huge difference.

Yesterday we hung op some cat shelves:

I made those almost completely by myself. My boyfriend did have to help with the ramp and he hung it up yesterday. The cats have already made use of it even! There’s more cat shelves I’d like to hang up. But my boyfriend doesn’t want to. So imma have to try and convince him for those :rofl::rofl:
Especially the ones I made for the stairs. We have railings the cats can get through so they could fall. With some shelves below the railings they can ascend more safely and are less likely to fall. We now have a blanket over the railing so they don’t see it and aren’t temped to get in between it but I’d love for that to go away and just have open railings without worrying about the cats. So those shelves are essentially for the cats safety. So I definitely wanna hang those up. I hope I can convince my boyfriend to do so. It’ll be much safer.

Today it’s resting up day. I’m glad I can rest. I hope a get a bit of cleaning done but it’s no disaster if I don’t. I know it’s tougher to get it done today. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished last weekend all the way from Friday through yesterday. Morning till evening. It’s a lot for me.

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Nice work, but why do cats need shelves? To store mice?

No :rofl::rofl:

Cats love to be up high. They do in nature as well cause in the wild they have more advantage when they’re up high. The animals that hunt them (yes wild cats are hunted on. Not talking about the big cats. The small ones) can’t get to them if they’re high up in the trees. And some rodents they hunt on like squirrels are also in trees so they’ll be able to hunt up there too.

I gave my cats shelves so they can utalize them as their space. Especially their safe space. Since I am planned to also get a (service) dog in the future. The dog can’t get there if they don’t want to be bothered by it. I hung up a nice toy there too and I put on some different textures of surface they like to scratch on so they can put their scent in it too. They love doormats and cardboard for instance, so I used that. It’s also fun cause the different textures gives them extra stimuli for whenever they feel like sensory seeking (yes cats do that). At the moment of typing it one of my cats is dozing off on the highest platform :rofl:

So really it’s to give the cats an opportunity to climb (they love climbing), have their safe space up high and to play and chill. And my cats are proving to me they love it. They’ve been using it a lot already :tada::tada:

Interesting, didn’t know that. You know a lot about cats. Do you know the difference between an indoor and an outdoor cat? Can I leave an outdoor cat outside the whole year?

I do know a lot about cats. I have done an animal education as well as a specific topic in school for cats and dogs with a seperate exam for it. So, yeah I got all my knowledge from somewhere.

What do you mean with all year? You mean through all the seasons? Cause in that way it depends. Outdoor cats are definitely more resilient than indoor cats to The whether. Personally I’m not a big fan of keeping the cats outside all winter. I feel like they should have the choice to come cozy and warm inside or to just venture out in the cold. Cats can’t regulate their body temperature as well as we and dogs do. So they’re more sensitive to cold. But you’ll also see that as it gets colder your cat might wanna come inside more. So it shouldn’t be a problem to be able to leave them outside all year long as long as they can also get somewhere nice and warm to warm up. But if they’re your pet they should be able to get that. My cats are indoor cats but I definitely want to take them out for walks and have them outside in a controlled way in the future. I’m training them for that right now. Sadly you really have to leash train cats before you can do it. So it’s gonna take a minute

Thanks, I’m not aloud to have pets. But the “point” of pets is for me to have them around myself so I have company and can pet them. If you have a cat who is outside 30% and the rest inside is it an indoor cat?

No to my knowledge indoor cats are fully indoors.


My cat prefers being outside for maybe 60 to 70% of summer time.
She really likes it there more. Maybe because my house is too small for her. We set her up some vantage points on the top of cloth drawers, but it’s clear she has her favorite spots changing through the year as it gets colder and hotter in them. Cats are very good at picking spots with airflow and temperatures they like. She loves my chair so much i have to move her every single time - and anything i build for her she doesn’t like as much as the chair. As it is the only place at home i can sit on, it’s a daily quest :slight_smile:
My wife makes kind of fuss when the kitty brings her mice, so i had to make some thin wall around our bed so the cat couldn’t get to us when she sleeps. I’m a bit sad about that. I like waking up in a cat company. Dead mice company doesn’t spoil it completely and doesn’t occur too often :slight_smile: .