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Hello! I’m willing to bet there are other creative people here! I’m a huge fan of writing and have been for a while. It’s kinda hard for me to stick to one project, but I did have one that I stuck to pretty well for a while and I recently finished it! (Now I have the editing to do, ahaha. And I’m copying it into a notebook which… isn’t useful, but somewhat enjoyable, I suppose? XD) I’m also kind of trying to get into other artistic endeavors such as photography! I’m working through a bit of creative withdrawal at the moment, in the wake of finishing my story and not being sure what to focus on writing wise. I feel like there are a lot of ways that having ADHD impacts me creatively. It can be a struggle to stick to things and keep at them or to push back self-doubt, but I think it helps me to be creative and look at things in different lights and it makes me want to try new things!

Anyone else struggle with some of this? What sort of creative projects do you like to work on? 8D

Long term projects and self-starting on them are my personal Kryptonites. I simply CAN’T DO IT. Neither one.

I want to write. I am good at it. I only do it on web boards. I have ADHD.


That’s so haaaard!! Sometimes it’s nice to do shorter stuff, but then again, sometimes it can be easy to lost track on those, too. For me it can get tempting to make it a longer project and then just crash and burn on the whole thing.

I just posted something about the merits of doing things at the last possible moment, but that doesn’t work for creative stuff because you have to continuously work on that if you want it to be any good. (Also, schedule some time for edits and rewrites. That’s where it gets messy.)

I managed to force myself into delivering quite an output by posting weekly installments. I’m a comics writer and artist and that’s how webcmics worked: you set a schedule and you stick to it, no matter what. Sometimes I’d post pages without any shades or coloring filled in, sometimes the story beats didn’t quite work and I had to change a plot later, for print, but I got it done.

I got six good albums out of it, but after the fifth I fell off the webcomics bandwagon and never really got back on, so now I’m way behind for vol. 7. I still think the key to getting creative work done is to make yourself accountable on a regular basis. Weekly updates on a webcomic are just one way of doing that. I’m still looking for the other ones…

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Copying into a notebook IS actually kind of useful. You get a chance to do a little pre-editing before you get down to the business of editing. :smile: Editing for me is the bane of my existence. But I power through it because I KNOW that it’s an important part of the process of getting the book done. For me the rewards of being done are what I work for.

ADHD does affect creativity. At least for me, it does. When I have a hard time focusing, I can’t work. I work on one project at a time because I know of my tendency to let a lot of projects fall to the wayside.