Cringe using pick on guitar

I’m unsure if this actually ADHD/sensory related or a totally different issue in itself but here it is…
Every time I strum a guitar with a pick I cringe at the loud sound, but when I don’t use the pick I’m fine.
As far as I know or at least can remember if someone else plays guitar with a pick I’m okay but I can’t seem to stand it when I play with a pick.
I’ve been told by a guitar player that a lot of guitarist play without picks and that it’s not weird for me to play without one, but I find it odd that it bothers me so much when I do play with one.
Let me be clear I’m asking more as a semsory issue linked to adhd cause the volume of the guitar seems louder to me when using the pick and it bothers me.
I can use a pick when playing but chose not to due to the volme of the sound, or how lound or soft the guitar is when it’s played.

Hey there, tbh sounds more like OCDish to me

I can play with a pick but perfer not to…it bothers me a bit more on an acustic guitar more than an electric, though with the electric it’s probably just bc I have yet to find the stupid amp that goes with the guitar.
I was honestly thinking it was some kind of sensory thing cause I was like this before I found out I had adhd.

Living in an old ouse with bad sound-proofing, I don’t even plug my guitar or bass in when I’m practising. I literally hear what you mean because of course it’s even more distinct on an unamplified electric guitar. I used to play bass with a pick (again, not amplified) because of that. Then I moved on to fingerpicking just to get a feel for it and some lines are just much better with two fingers, then I tried that on the guitar (yes I pick the guitar like it’s a bass) and now I can’t really use a pick any more, partly for the loudness but mostly because the resistance I get from the strings feels disruptive.

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Okay now I don’t feel so odd about playing like that… Thank you.

I also dislike the sound of a pick vs. fingers when I play. It’s like the vibrations created from the pick are almost painful. I have no idea if this is a sensory thing or not, but it’s certainly interesting that other brains have a similar experience.

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It totally is. I’m glad that I’m hearing from more brains that play guitar and play with their fingers rather than with a pick, I feel less odd about it now.

I think I’m the same. I don’t like playing the guitar with a pick, never do, always strum or pluck with my fingers. I have no problem listening to others play with a pick, but for some reason can’t bring myself to do it…

Ive been playing guitar since i was 13. I do not have the same sensory thing, but i just don’t like using a pick because I like to feel the strings.

Have you experimented with different thicknesses of picks?

I’m still more comfortable using fingers but recently, I started using a metal button on my guitar that fell off some pants of mine. It’s thick in the middle, rounded at the edge so it slides off more easily, and it has has just the right curve. Also, great sound because it’s metal. (Still not amplifying.) I’ll experiment with it some more. I estimate I have till May because after that, I’ll want to use those pants again (they’re Summer pants).

I’ve been using coins on my bass guitar now and again for years, so it’s not as much of a stretch as you might think.

thats awesome! keep in mind you’ll tear through strings pretty quick using metal.

All the better! I have a tendency of wearing out strings way past their good days.

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