Look for solutions to helping me quit biting the dry skin on my cuticles and knuckles. I know - it’s f*cking disgusting but it’s practically impossible. I was able to stop biting nails after using clear coat for them but have moved on to cuticles. I mostly do it when driving or watching tv/movies. For driving I bought driving gloves and that helps a lot to just provide a barrier but something more for everyday would help. Keeping them moisturized seems to help as they don’t feel so sharp and callous so maybe that would be a solution but seeing what other peeps think. Thank you in advance!

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Yea the best peace I’ve made with this habit is that I’m not alone and ADHD is the likely reason.

I’ve had mixed success with Fidget Spinners; but the moment the anxiety of some task (especially subconsciously) hits a certain pressure: I’m feeling burning, cracked skin before I even realize the last 2 hours were spent undoing any progress made in the last week.

This is one of those executive functioning things I think, certainly in terms of building up a regiment of actively stopping ourselves from doing it (as that requires consistency and constant attention). So there’s a double dip in terms of difficulty for us to reduce the habit.

Maybe you and I can do some peer motivation for each other by agreeing to:

  • Keep track of how many times we bite or scratch at our fingers each day.
  • Maybe record what was going on at the time we caught ourselves doing it.
  • Report the daily totals to this thread as a follow-up post each day.
  • Maybe share some situations when it happened, if comfortable doing so.

That will at least start us on the path of improving conscious awareness of when, [possibly] why, and how often we’re doing this. Then we can maybe start implementing some cognitive behavioral techniques towards slowly reducing the frequency thereof.

Let me know; I’m in and ready if you are!



Hello, I used to have a big problem with similar biting, I don’t think there is an easy fix, but just being aware helps to combat this. I’m at a point where I usually notice as soon as I start biting, then can stop it early, before I get to far in, just try and break the habit down a little bit each time you catch yourself doing it.

This came up recently, maybe these threads can help you.


I think this is a good idea for something to record for a weekly post and try to understand the what and the why. So maybe if you want to start keeping record we can do it on a day coming up and keep a 7 day tally of how man instances and what the circumstances were is a great idea - thank you!

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goodie. we start tomorrow 7/28



Official Count = 15 | Likely Count = 35-35 | Main Reason: Anticipation anxiety on starting tasks


Official Count = 12-15 (It’s a range bc some instances had multiple returns to biting)
Likely Count = ~20?
Main Reasons = Driving without gloves to take out trash (in my town we have to take the garbage to a transfer site), watching TV.

I think my numbers were down because I was remaining cognizant of this tallying and then my wife wrapped my fingers with neosporin and medical tape in the evening because my knuckles were bleeding. Cuticle/knuckle biting in SoCal with dry arid conditions = dry cracked hands. But I think that’s my best solution is literally putting a physical barrier between my teeth a knuckle meat, lol. Good luck today brotha!


Official Count = 5 | Likely Count = 25-35 | Main Reason: Anticipation anxiety on starting tasks, force of habit otherwise

Also I’m in Arizona, and have similarly been using band-aids as a solution when things get too far.


Official Count = 3
Likely count = 5

I think our numbers are decreasing bc were remaining cognizant to it and even though we’re technically strangers are still feeling a sense of accountability to each other lol. Plus once I started wrapping with medical tape THAT is now becoming a habit lol. So if that’s the new habit, but results in less destructive tendencies, I’m all for that. Undoing 30+ years of destructive habitual behavior feels amazing.



Official Count = 0 | Likely Count = 25-35 | Main Reason: Losing focus on this.

But posting this message also motivated me to start back up today.



Official = 0
Likely = 1

Yeah man, it’s okay to struggle but you can do this and get back up like Rocky Balboa. Wrap those fingers with medical tape. It only took me 2 days for them to stop hurting, feeling cracked and bleeding.

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I have this problem. I just bought a special nail polish that tastes awful, but is safe to eat. I will keep you posted on if it works. My sister used it, and it helped her stop putting her fingers in her mouth.


As an update, it has been a solid week since I chewed on my hangnails. They are starting to heal. That nasty nail polish works.


I’ve had so many problems with hangnails, including painful infections, but I feel like I’m getting a grip on it.

I didn’t try to stop myself from doing it, that never works for me, so I looked at other solutions. Now I carry a pair of nail clippers with me everywhere, and anytime I notice I’m picking/biting, I pull it out and cut off the dry/hanging bits. Now there’s nothing for me to bite/pick at! I’ve also ended up buying quite a lot of nail clippers so I can have on in each bag, the bathroom, the bedroom, and anywhere else I might leave it.

That said, I do currently have a band aid on my left thumb bc I didn’t notice I was biting at a hangnail until I had irritated my skin enough for it to be painful :’)