D&D/Magic the Gathering?


Hiii y’all! Just a quick topic for anyone who’s interested in D&D or Magic! I love both. I currently play a half-elf trickster cleric in one D&D campaign, and a Tabaxi Gloomstalker in another (both 5e). I also have a level 15 Aasimar horizon walker (new ranger subclass) that I sometimes guest in with for a third friend’s game. I love all my characters but the Tabaxi is my favorite because I play her as though she also has ADHD, which is so fun! As for Magic, I love Golgari, Dimir, Ozhov, and Selesnya - basically anything except Boros aggro. I don’t play Arena yet (no Windows computer to play on, sigh!) but I do play on Cockatrice! I’d love to hear about the sweet characters you’ve made and your favorite Magic decks!


I’m currently in a d&d 5e game where I play a tiefling bard with short term memory loss. She’s basically Dory. I don’t bother learning any of the other character names in the group because it makes it more believable when I mangle them. She’s a blast to play.


Also playing D&D 5e, but online using Fantasy Grounds and Discord. I’m playing a human life cleric.

Even after almost 2 years I’m still bad at conserving spell slots. My husband’s character died in our last session and I had to ritual cast Gentle Repose because I couldn’t cast any resurrection spells. :expressionless:

I know the basic mechanics of Magic the Gathering, but I don’t play. Good game though.


Hey! Board game nerds!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I play a Tabaxi Rogue with my fiance DMing and his family and friends playing with us. I am notorious for being just about the worst rogue ever, setting off traps, breaking bad news in the worst way possible to NPCs, and once getting crushed by a trapped bed and then thrown out of an airship. I try to shrug it off as a manifestation of my ADD brain in the world of the Forgotten Realms, hehe.

As for Magic, I used to play Standard but I’ve become disillusioned as of late. I keep gravitating towards the more casual end of the pool, playing Planechase with friends and pulling out my Standard decks rarely. I love playing Selesnya aggro and Golgari midrange with -1/-1 counters, but my favorite guild is always going to be Simic! Looking to maybe build a cube because I find myself drawn more and more to Limited formats. Or maybe I will just keep buying battle decks for my friends :smiley:


I have been gaming for years - mainly 3.5 and some MTG.

But I have done it all.

I write really detailed backgrounds, and I am currently working on creating an open world, PVP game where players start as NPC’s and can eventually become GODS, with world crossing from Dragonlance to Faerun to Wheel of time, all the planes, and even Earth, Pokemon, and marvel.

I have a summoner that I built who is crazy fun to play. His schtick is that he fights evil by tricking it into turning against itself, so he binds demons into Faustian deals, and blackmails angels into working with him, that sort of thing.

I also have a warforged transmutation wizard that is basically a transformer. He can turn into ANYTHING, from a blanket to a dragon the size of a building. He seeks to become a good, because constructs lack a divinity worthy of worship, one that will save them from their lives of servitude. So, he has experimented on the flesh born to better understand how he can change into a god.