Dealing with irritability

There are some days when i feel like some kind of an brain itch. Sounds become too loud and noisy, light is too bright and darkness is too dark, and even people i usually like start to feel tiresome.

I am in that state for third day in a row.
I made an obvious mistake which cost me ~$2k in short term. Which made all the rest negative factors much more tangible.
It is -20°C outside(-4°F), which severely limits my activities.
Heating fuel price just raised 10 percent.
I made a promise to my wife to expand our house this year, which i’m not sure i’ll keep now.

I still have enough logical capabilities to understand that there isn’t any real threat in a long term - at least not any new one that wasn’t there before - but it doesn’t stop my inner monkey from screeching and throwing turds around right now.

It looks like some ancient animal anxiety mechanism, like it is there to make me do something to make my chances of survival better.
I know i can’t do anything with all that stuff, and i know that eventually it all will end up by itself.
Why doesn’t logic stop it?

PS. I don’t have any doctor, or meds, or anything, because i live in kind of inner emigration, in a country headstuck in a long lost cold war, where men usually just get drunk and tough out everything - so i need to take care of myself by myself.

PPS. Looks like it just got easier while i was writing this. Not 100% gone, but like 40 to 50 of it.


Can’t remember where i heard it or if i have just made it up in my head lol but if you write down what you are worried about and sort them into different categories

-problems that can be solved

  • problems that can’t be solved

  • problems that when you think about it, aren’t really a problem, like things which don’t actually effect your life in a meaningful way and are just annoying.

Then this helps your brain to store the information in the correct parts of your brain, kinda like rearranging a filing cabinet

Hope this helps

Also with problems that can be solved, write down what you need to do to solve them.


That’s something . . . Keep posting so all of us can be here for you!



Thanks! It worked, in a way.

So, what did I come up with:
My wife and i talked about expanding, and came to understanding.
Since our incomes aren’t predictable at all anymore, it is difficult to plan any spendings.
So it may happen if my decisions would be correct at the time, but we won’t expect it to happen.
Also the rising heating cost says we better make better use of space we already have.
We already got some ideas how to create better storage space which won’t eat up as much living space as it does now. Wood is relatively cheap, so we could make this furniture ourselves.
Also we agreed that we could make only her room nice. I am okay with bare walls since i used to spend nights in a truck cab. As long as it’s heated and have enough net connection so i won’t get bored :smiley:

What really happened is i just basically dropped that promise with her approval. It was tying my hands, and made false expectations for both of us.
Looks like it was the majority of the trouble this time. I’m feeling relieved more or less.

Thanks guys! May this experience help someone else.

In the end, logic won. I don’t know exactly how. Maybe i just needed to exhaust the brain enough for it to stop buzzing. Maybe i found a solution so it could stop buzzing. But looks like it was a generally right move.


Just a suggestion based on your first paragraph - look up “sensory processing disorder”


Welcome back after 6 months!!!

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