DevOps... what is it?



Hi all,

So my job title is called “DevOps Engineer” which is now a trendy new keyword that many companies are picking up.

It comes up because it’s “Development of Operations.” But this work can range from operational, system administration, development of operations. It’s a hybrid type of engineering position where you have to be able to understand many different concepts pretty quickly and being able to jump on urgent issues. It’s one of the reasons why the ADHD mind works really well here.

In fact in my current role, I swapped from doing a lot of system administration work, to developing automation of operations for different engineering teams, to now working on infrastructure on a large scale.

When you hear the term “DevOps Engineer” I would like to express that this role can vary from company to company. The most important feature I would say is being able to work with other engineers, being honest & truthful, being willing and able to learn new products and implement those new ideas into your companies. You have to adopt very quickly to what your company/manager needs.

Anyways I wanted to quickly get a topic in here for the brand new category that’s focused on technology! Feel free to discuss anything that you are working on!


I remember the days without DevOps… “Build server’s messed up. Who’s fixing it this time?” There was a lot more autopilot and downtime in the continuous integration back then.

Our DevOps guy has been on vacation this week, and other than a couple cryptic build fails (Jenkins sending me exceptions about pipes being prematurely closed), things have gone fairly well.


Pfft I got forced into a Dev ops role on top of my developer role, I have to dedicate an hour a day to managing build server and webserver/datadases


I see it as an system admin type person who does all of the work via code to both maintain the servers and deploy proprietary code (java, .NET) etc to the servers. I would see this as the person who maintains the continuous build/continuous integration server. They would also be the person who writes scripts to bring up and down servers in a cloud be it a public, private or hybrid cloud. They would also monitor batch processes such as ETL.

At least that is how I see DevOps.