Diagnosed at 41 with ADHD

I feel I have wasted my life because of a late diagnosis. I believe it is more important to take an interest in mental health rather get a traditional well paid job.

People with ADHD can be creative and can think out of the box.

My Asperger’s social communication issues can interact with ADHD. I have dyspraxia as well .

In my opinion, the family must support the individual with neuro diverse conditions a much as possible !

I have complex PTSD.I had to realise something is not right to be told that I have ADHD !

Getting a diagnosis of ADHD in the (UK), especially if you have dyspraxia ( and / or dyslexia) & (aspergers traits ) or (Asperger’s syndrome )

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You’re amazing.

I’ve just been diagnosed this past summer at 30yrs.
huge shock.
lots to process.

and. You’re life hasn’t been a waste. Its just beginning.

Love to you.
Crazy wild Love.

You’ve got this.


Welcome to the family, in several ways! And, yes, mirroring what @Savvy_Sav said, you’re amazing!
For context, I’m 52, diagnosed with ADHD-i about 6 months ago, and still processing what it means.
I can understand your

… wasted my life…

feelings, especially with your other challenges, but given you’re interest in mental health, probably the one thing I’d suggest is to give yourself a break: It’s what a lot of people have been telling me as I grow into my newly defined skin. And I’ll freely acknowledge I’m still a long way to giving myself true self-compassion, but now at least I have a frame to talk to myself, about me…
But in the mean time, talk with those you trust, find new sources to trust, and start walking forward with us all on this new path!
Oh, one other thing: don’t forget to breathe!