Diagnosed recently at 54 years old. Having lots of confusion around meds!


Hi everyone! I can’t believe how much I have identified with much of the ADHD profile. And how much meds help for the first few hours after I take them. I’ve mainly used Adderall. I did try Focalin too at one point. I have experienced MAJOR crashing with each drug. Even with very low doses. I’ve tried both the XL and the regular Adderall. I just cannot handle the crash and so have decided to stop taking them which is super sad for me to have to do.
Any thoughts would be so helpful.


I was diagnosed at 43! I also don’t like the Adderall crash. I’m going to ask my doctor about Vyvanse, I’ve read that it doesn’t give you that crash!


Oooh…please post what you experience when you to try the Vyvanse…I’ll look into that too.
I’ve felt very alone trying to figure it out so your response lightened my day.



It might be a few weeks before I can, will probably see the doctor in a week and a half, then insurance may have to approve it. Such a pain!


Hi, it’s early days for me too, and I’m in my late forties.

Are you in the US? And how low are low doses there? I’m in Europe (NL) and here the insurance companies only fund extremely small pills, like 2.5 mg small of dexamphetamine sulphate. These are also breakable, so a half of that is also available, 1.25 mg. This is a bit of a nuisance if you have to take 20 or 30 mg per day (8-12 pills!) but a big advantage when you are trying to work out with your doctor what the right dose is for you.

Other things can also make a difference: timing, what you eat or drink and when… In my case, I wasted weeks trying to work out the right dose before working out for myself that caffeine was throwing the whole thing out of whack. After cutting out caffeine we were back to square one and still not completely sorted…! The side effects seem to have stopped though, which is nice.

My next major step will be to switch to a non-stimulant, because I will then be allowed to drive again without risking a big fine. But I don’t want to change anything just yet as my actual ADHD coaching starts next week and I want to see what that does, first.


I have such a hard time paying attention to driving! Seems better with the stimulants. I currently have 5 mg of Adderall and my doctor told me to avoid caffeine when taking them. He also suggested having 2 days a week with no stimulants. Easier said than done!


I’ve tried many different meds over the years. Ritalin, Adderall, Dexadrine, and now Vyvanse. My experience with vyvanse is that it is a VERY smooth transition both after taking it and when it wears off. No crash for me. It’s the best med I’ve ever been on.


Hmmmm…I do think my cup of black tea in the morning is part of my crashing problem but I cannot imagine living with out a black tea ritual in the morning. Lustforlife and Jenn_Sea, how do you get through not having the ritual of coffee or tea in the morning? I am in the U.S. Also, Lustforlife, would you say more about an ADHD coach? I’ve never heard of that. Sounds intriguing! And Gaeliceys, what have you notice about the Vyvanse’s positive effects? Are you having a noticeably easier time functioning well throughout the day?
Thanks you to all of you for chiming in!!


Hi again :slight_smile:

Well, for a start I am no morning routine expert. I am really bad at mornings and if I can avoid an early start I will. I teach adults, either mid morning or evening :grin:

The reason I cut out coffee was because I was already over sensitive to it, I think lots of other Brains do manage to combine stimulant meds with caffeine. However, if you do want to change your morning drink
I would recommend changing literally the drink and not the whole routine. I saw a great programme recently on placebo effects and even if you know you’re drinking something caffeine free, there’s a fair chance your brain will be fooled just by the routine :smiley:

As for the coach, I get to meet her for the first time this week, so as yet have no idea. My hope is that she will help me change some of my bad habits…


I am also bad at routines. I have the crash even without the caffeine, so that’s not the issue for me. I haven’t even been medicated for very long.


Just to be clear, the only routine I have in the day is my cup of tea in the morning. I have massive resistance to routines otherwise!


You could always ask your doctor or pharmacist if one cup of tea is acceptable.


I’m 45 and just starting the process of being evaluated in hopes of a diagnosis. Reading g posts like yours , only give more hope for a positive outcome. That I may know definitively what’s going on. From what everyone tells me it can take a while to get things just right. Stay strong. Best of luck



For me every one of the stimulants I listed did the job and made my brain work better. But the positives of vyvanse over the others are as follows:

  1. Smoother uptake and let down. Often I don’t even realize it’s worn off until I catch myself ADHDing.

  2. Less severe side effects. Dry mouth, appetite reduction, difficulty sleeping. I get those with every stimulant, but they are milder with vyvanse.


It’s so great to know about other people with late diagnoses like me!

I was diagnosed at 42 and now I’m 43. Adderrall really helped me but I still struggle.


I agree about how great it is!! The brain is still such a mystery to brain scientists and doctors and therapists…I think the “experts” are still a little bit in the stone age in terms of understanding it but I do feel grateful for any help I can get in my days going better for me!


Hello BuddyandWinnie and welcome!

Sorry I’m so late! I definitely second the idea of talking to your doctor about Vyvanse. I never feel it turn on and I never feel it turn off. You can also ask about non-stimulant options, as well! I know it’s been a month since you posted - so how are you doing now? Are you doing alright? :slight_smile:


Hi HarleyKyn!
Thanks for checking in. I’ve been on 20 mg. of vyvanse for about two months now. It has been very effective in helping me stay on task, even on very difficult tasks. So I’m enormously grateful for that part. I’m struggling with a crash though usually in the afternoon. But if I take the time to rest for a bit, the crash usually dissipates. I wish I could lower the dose to 15 mg. But it appears that this drug comes in either 10 or 20 mg. doses. 10 didn’t feel like quite enough. My dream come true would be to stay on this drug and eliminate the crash. I was hoping that maybe my body would get used to it and the crash would be no longer. But no.


Have you tried exercise around the time of the crash ? I was finding that my brain would turn to mush and having to talk to people was an issue when the meds wore off for about an hour or two. A friend got me going to the gym and the tim8ng lined up with the crash but I have found that getting my heart rate up for half an hour has almost completely removed the crash for me. And I sleep a little better.

I have never really been a gym goer or exerciser before this.



AMAK, so interesting what you’re saying here…it would be so very hard for me to choose exercise in the moment of a crash!! But of course it makes so much sense to get your body moving (energy begets energy?). Thank you so much for the suggestion!